This is the second part of a 3-part series of comments on the topic of how the Supreme Court's and Congress's failure to rein in Donald Trump's dictatorship over immigration with the goal of ending or vastly reducing legal immigration from all areas of the world outside of Europe is putting America's entire democracy in danger.

The nation is still in shock over Trump's blatant attempt to intimidate a federal judge and corrupt the entire judicial system in an effort to obtain a lighter sentence for his crony and former Fox News propagandist in chief, Roger Stone - whom Trump will of course pardon without any doubt when he thinks the time is right.

Even Trump's A.G. and top anti-immigrant enforcer, William Barr, who has gained notoriety for his fascist-style theory of the "Unitary Executive" in support of Trump, has now felt compelled to speak out against this latest example of dictatorship in order at least to create an appearance of distancing himself from an increasingly authoritarian president. See the article by Washington Post columnist Ishaan Tharoor discussed below. But this all began with the Republican-dominated Supreme Court's acceptance and acquiescence in Trump's bigoted regime of dictatorship over immigrant in Trump v. Hawaii.

In that case, the president tore up the Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom and equality in order to fulfill a campaign promise of banning as many Muslim immigrants from around the world as possible from obtaining legal visas to enter the United Stated.

What started out as a religious ban against legal immigration has now expanded into a ban based on skin color, as Trump has extended the visa ban to four more African (and two Asian) countries which have large, or in some cases majority, non-Muslim populations. But Trump's assertion of tyrannical power over immigration is not limited to his racial and religiously motivated Visa Ban. It goes far beyond that.

Trump's entire agenda of demonization, exclusion and ethnic cleansing against nonwhite immigrants. both legal and "unauthorized", is an exercise in dictatorship, leading directly to tyranny in the United States. This includes not only the bigoted Visa Ban itself,, but also the drastic new Public Charge rules, which go far beyond the scope of any previous interpretation of this term, even in that doctrine's almost 200 years of history of being used against minority immigrants in America.

And unlike previous racist exclusionary laws, beginning with the infamous first Chinese exclusion act of 1882 and the anti-Semitic, anti-Italian immigration act of 1924 which barred most of the world's nonwhite immigrants also, (and whose bigoted spirit Trump's henchmen Stephen Miller and - Ken Cuccinelli - descendants of Jewish and Italian immigrants respectively) are now bringing back to America, Trump's Public Charge, "Remain in Mexico", Border Wall, in definite child detention and many other racist anti-immigrant actions are taking place without the consent of Congress.

These brutal expressions of hatred against legal immigrants, no only unauthorized ones. some of which may very arguably constitute Crimes Against Humanity, are being put into effect entirely by executive diktat, with the active collusion of the Supreme Court's ideological Republican majority, This
Supreme Court bloc is turning a blind eye and a deaf ear toward the obvious racism and bigotry behind these actions.

Congress is also complicit in this bigoted agenda, as a result of the House Democratic leaders' spineless failure to include anti-immigrant racism in their articles of impeachment against Trump, or to use their investigative powers over Trump's immigration agenda to any serious extent.

But while Trump's immigration dictatorship is harmful to America's core values of welcoming immigrants without regard to race, nationality, religion or skin color, and upholding the principles of racial equality and basic humanity, the danger goes far beyond that. Or entire democracy is now under attack

Ishaan Tharoor withes the following in his February 14 WP article:

Trump's authoritarian style is remaking America:

"'If a president can meddle in a criminal case to help a friend, than there's noting that keeps him from meddling to harm someone he thinks is his enemy,' Joyce White Vance, a former U.S. attorney, told my colleagues. 'That means that a president is fully above the law in the most dangerous kind of way. This is how democracies die.'"

nor can there be any doubt about where this mortal threat to our freedom originated. Tharoor writes:

"The president's demagoguery has left a deep mark on American society (Bold in the original; italics added.) Tharoor continues:

"Since Trump's rise to the nation's highest office, his inflammatory language [has been] often condemned as racist and xenophobic..."

But it is not just Trump's venomous statements attacking the essential humanity of nonwhite immigrants that pose a clear and present danger to this nation's democracy. It is his authoritarian, unilateral, actions against them, as will be discussed further in Part 3 of this 3-part

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.