As the deadly Corinovirus spreads to more and more countries and the death toll rises each day, Americans will no doubt find it reassuring to see that Donald Trump's priorities are still on building his Mexican Border Wall so he can continue to send his message to the world that immigrants of color are no longer welcome in America while he is president. The Washington Post reports on February 12 that his latest budget request includes $8.6 billion for the Wall. See:

Trump seeks $4.7 trillion budget with domestic cuts, $8.6 billion in wall funding

At the same time, the Trump administration has made major cuts in health spending which leave America less prepared to combat the Coronavirus, according to a February 2 report by Linda J. Bilmes of the Harvard-Kennedy School. She describes this in alarming detail in her article:

Budget Cuts Have Made the US Less Ready for Coronavirus

She pointedly writes:

"There is no wall high enough to keep virulent pathogens from crossing national borders, and when they emerge, there is a potential for widespread illness and death."

Maybe someone who cares about protecting the American people from what is in danger of becoming a worldwide epidemic, and who believes that this is more urgent than building an authoritarian monument to racism and hate on the Southern border, should explain this to the President of the United States.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.