This is Part 1 of a 2-part series dealing with Donald Trump's extended African/Asian Visa Ban as the latest example of his using anti-immigrant racism to carry out a fascist agenda,

As Professor Henry A. Giroux and many other experts on fascism have shown (see my previous comments on this point) finding a targeted group of people to hate and persecute has long been a favorite tactic of dictators in order to seize power. The world saw beginning with the rise of fascism in Europe beginning a century ago. It is happening now in America and it is no longer possible to close our eyes to this reality ant try to pretend otherwise.

Donald Trump began using this strategy on the first day of his presidential bid in 2015, when he attacked Mexican, and by extension,, all other black and brown immigrants, as "criminals", "rapists" and "drug dealers".

This overt racism has permeated every aspect of the Trump administration's immigration policy ever since. This includes not only his barbaric crimes against humanity against "illegal" immigrants and asylum seekers,138 of whom have reportedly been murdered after being sent to El Salvador, one of the most dangerous countries on earth, see:

It also includes Trump's many actions in barring nonwhite legal immigrants, as shown most recently by his extended Visa Ban, racist Public Charge rule expansion, assault on H-1B and other skilled worker visas, drastic cut in legal refugee admissions and many other attempts to reduce or end legal immigration from outside white Europe.

Trump's recent addition of Nigeria, Africa's largest nation and a recognized US ally in the fight against terror to the lest of banned countries, along with three other newly added African countries and two new Asian ones, only reinforces Trump's message that non-white immigrants are no longer welcome in the United States of America, even if they fully obey and are completely qualified under our immigration laws enacted by the American people's representatives in Congress.

While a compliant, politically motivated Republican majority on the Supreme Court was willing to buy into Trump's patently false claim that his initial Muslim Visa Ban was motivated only by national security considerations, there is no such pretext available in the case of an African country such as Nigeria, which has never been on a terror sponsor list and has been fighting hard against its own Islamist terror group, Boko Haram.

The utter irrationality of Trump's new visa ban against Nigeria is shown by the fact that the ban applies only to applicants for immigrant visas, i.e. permanent residence. It does not affect applicants for temporary, "nonmmigrant", visas.

Where are there any statistics showing that immigrants from any country who come to the US to join their families or assume permanent employment are ,ore likely to be terrorists than immigrants who come as visitors, students, or other temporary reasons? Making such a distinction is absurd as a mater of national security.

Barring Diversity Visa immigrants only from Tanzania, another African country that has just been added to the banned list while accepting immigrants in every other category is also totally irrational from a security standpoint. There is not a single iota of evidence that Diversity Visa immigrants are more likely to commit acts of terror than immigrants in any other category.

There is a proverb in Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania, that says:

Haki hushinda batili ("Justice is stronger than falsehood.")

From the national security perspective, Trump's initial Muslim visa ban was a lie to begin with, and his latest extended racial Ari

But it does make sense from the point of view of bigots who do not want to see the growth of nonwhite permanent immigrant populations in the US and who want to maintain demographic white supremacy at all costs. This is the only real objective of Trump's so-called Travel Ban executive orders, as Nigerian-American civil rights and human right activist Opal Tometi eloquently points out in her February 5 CNN opinion piece: ;

Trump's latest travel ban is an attack on Africans


Tometi writes:

"The connection of xenophobia and anti-black racism is clear as day. From the growing number of [asylum] seekers at the US-Mexico border who are left in deplorable conditions and have their rights routinely violated to travel bans, make no mistake; this is [the] latest move in an agenda to normalize and codify a dangerous ethnocentrism."

By "ethnocentrism", it is obvious that Tometi means nothing other than the most reprehensible white supremacist racism which is at the heart of Trump's and Stephen Miller's anti-immigrant agenda.

To be continued in Part 2 of this series,

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law