Update: February 8 as of 10:27 am:

Te craven cowardice of the Republican-dominated Senate and Supreme Court in failing to stand up against Donald Trump's fascist agenda, fueled by anti-immigrant racism as described below, are shocking enough.

But in America's democratic system, it is not only Congress and the courts that are responsible for putting checks on the power of this president and his malicious agenda of hate against nonwhite immigrants. It is also the responsibility of the opposition party, namely the Democrats.

So far, the Democratic leadership in Congress, as well the party's presidential candidates, have shown themselves spineless and clueless, if not totally uncaring, regarding Trump's anti-immigrant agenda, even though it was at the heart of his 2016 campaign ans will certainly be again this year.

Nancy Pelosi was able to find the "courage" to tear up Trump's bigoted, racist SOTU speach, but she wa too timid to include his racist immigration agenda in the impeachment articles. What is the result? Expanded Public Charge and the expanded Visa Ban.

And at the February 7 NH presidential debate, while there was some general talk about racism in American society, the word "immigration" was not mentioned even once - at least not while I was watching! How can the Democrats expect to win this November's election and prevent a full-blown Trump fascist dictatorship if they are too scared even to mention the word "immigration"?

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This comment is the first of a 3-part series.

Donald Trump's openly racist February 4 SOTU speech, in which he continued the same agenda of demonizing Central American and other nonwhite immigrants as violent criminals, human traffickers and drug dealers that fueled his rise to power in 2016 (despite losing the popular vote), was a clear warning of coming fascism in America. Henry A. Giroux, a professor at McMaster University in Ontario and a leading expert on fascism, explains why in his February 5 article,

Trump's SOTU Speech Bristled With Fascist Politics


Giroux specifically points to the failure of the impeachment process in the face of Trump's use of anti-immigrant bigotry in pursuit of a fascist goal. He writes:

"Echoes of a dark past loom over the impeachment process and the crimes of the Trump administration...history is being rewritten in the image of the mystical leader, a culture of lies, and a perpetual motion machine that trades in racism, fear and bigotry...

The refusal of the Republican-dominated Senate to remove Trump from office both legitimizes his lawlessness and makes clear that Trump is merely a symptom of a long-simmering fascist politics."

What does Giroux mean when he uses the term "fascist politics"? He makes clear that Trump's immigration bigotry is a key component. Giroux refers to:

"...the current White House, which is home to white supremacists such as Stephen Miller...who is viewed by many as the architect of [Trump's draconian immigration policies...

Of course, removing Miller would not change much. Miller is not the main white supremacist in the Trump administration. Nor can his presence hide the fact that white supremacy has been a staple of the Republican party for decades."

Giroux continues:

"Moreover, the long legacy of white supremacy in the United States should not undercut the distinctiveness of Trump's white supremacist views, which he wears like a badge of honor while while escalating and normalizing white supremacist sensibilities, practices and policies more than any president in modern times."

Two of the Trump administration's most recent immigration policies are clear examples of this fascist, white supremacist agenda. One of these is the new Public Charge rule which goes far beyond any previously used definition of this term and amounts to a single-handed, authoritarian rewrite that would eliminate than a half century of racial equality in America's immigration laws.

The other is Trump's expanded Visa Ban proclamation, which by the addition of Nigeria, a strong ally of the US and Africa;s largest nation, with a thriving, well-educated and productive community in the US, as well as five other African and Asian countries, has now turned into an overtly racist bar to legal immigration.

Just as a cowardly, Republican-controlled Senate has failed in its constitutional duty to act as a check on Trump's racist and authoritarian agenda by removing him from office (though Republican Senator Mitt Romney's vote to do so will long be remembered as a great American Profile in Courage) the craven compliance of a politically-motivated Republican Supreme Court majority in approving Trump's and Miller's bigoted new and greatly expanded Public Charge rule and racist new African/Asian Visa Ban extension are mortal blows against America's democracy. They are opening the road to Trump-era fascism even wider.

To be continued in Parts 2 and 3 of this series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.