January 27, 2020, will go down as a dark day in US immigration history - a day when an ideologically driven Republican Supreme Court majority took American immigration policy a long way back toward 1882 or 1924, when first Chinese, and then all nonwhite immigrants (as well as Jewish and other immigrants from southern and eastern Europe), were barred from coming to the US by Public Charge Rules which had first been used against Irish immigrants in the 1850's.

The Court lifted an injunction by a District judge in New York which had blocked the latest, wildly expanded form of this ancient bigotry from going into effect. By allowing Stephen Miller's new version of this rule to go forward, the Court dealt a devastating blow against all nonwhite legal immigration which could last for generations - or until there is a new president.

For more details about the new rule, see:


Ironically.the Trump-friendly Supreme Court majority's decision to allow the most bigoted and virulent version of the public charge rule that has ever been devised in its more than 200-year history of being used as an instrument of hate and prejudice in America (beginning with Irish immigrants in the 1850's) came on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp at the end of WW2.

It has been estimated that as many as 200,000 European Jews who were trying to escape from the Holocaust could have been admitted to the United States, despite the strict quota restrictions of the 1924 immigration law, but were denied visas because of the Public Charge rules (which were less strict in those days than Stephen Miller's new rules against immigrants from every part of the world except relatively wealthy Europe).

It is not unreasonable to assume that many of the Jewish would-be immigrants who were barred from the United States on Public Charge grounds later died at Auschwitz. See:


This is the dark legacy that Trump and Miller, with the help of a compliant Supreme Court majority, which could "see no evil" in Trump's bigoted Muslim Ban and inhuman "Remain in Mexico"asylum orders, and which has now turned a blind eye to this latest act of prejudice and hatred against nonwhite immigrants, are bringing back to America now.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law