Update: January 11 1:42 pm:

For another viewpoint on the urgency of defeating Trump's politics of hate against immigrants and other minorities in he upcoming election this November, see Kristian Ramos in The Hill (January 11):

We can't let 'white nativism' politics cloud 2020 election


Update: January 11 at 9:15 am:

Two late-breaking January 10 news stories show that Trump and his Republican allies are ramping up the hate against legal non-European immigrants in preparation for this November's election.

The Washington Post reports that Texas has become the first state to bar resettlement of refugees under Trump's executive order giving them the authority to do so. Admission to the UIS of legal refugees this year is already at an historic low under the agenda of Trump and Miller. Miller reportedly didn't want to any refugees at all to be admitted this year.

For more on this latest show of bigotry by Texas Republican governor Greg Abbot, see:


On the same day, The Guardian reports that Trump is planning to add unspecified additional countries to his infamous Muslim ban order.


Both of these developments, which involve barring legal immigrants whose ethnicity or religion doesn't happen to fit in with Trump's avowed goal of admitting only immigrants from "Countries like Norway" and with Miller's goal (expressed in almost 1,000 recent emails) of taking America's immigration system back to the openly racist 1924 regime (which Adolf Hitler expressed so much admiration for in Mein Kampf) show that exploiting and stirring up more hate against nonwhite immigrants, including those eligible to come to the US legally, will be the order of the day for Trump's re-election campaign.

My earlier comment follows below:

While the media remain focused on Donald Trump's apparently now-abandoned threat to commit a war crime by blowing up cultural heritage sites in Iran, as an end result of his dehumanizing 2017 Muslim Ban order; or on the travesty that Senate Republicans are planning in order to "acquit" Trump of cravenly timid Democratic impeachment charges which entirely ignore his High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the basic human rights of nonwhite immigrants, what could very arguably be considered a Crime Against Humanity that the Trump administration is carrying out against desperate asylum seekers at the Mexican border in service of Stephen Miller's white supremacist agenda is growing worse and worse.

The Guardian reports on January 9 that an obviously desperate Mexican asylum-seeker killed himself on the international bridge after being refused entry to the United States.


This may be less surprising than it seems in light of the appalling, inhuman conditions that legitimate asylum seekers fleeing gang violence and other life-threatening conditions in Central America are forced to endure as a result of Trump's racist and inhuman (as well as almost certainly illegal) "Remain in Mexico" asylum policy. See Vox (December 20, 2019):

In camps on the US-Mexico border, asylum-seekers have been abandoned


See also: Slate:

Trump's tent cities are on the verge of killing immigrant children


This horrendous display of inhumanity by the Trump administration as led to a protest by a leading Jewish religious leader, Arnold Eisen, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary (in New York City) America's leading institution for the Conservative branch of Judaism against what he calls America's failure to carry out its moral obligation toward desperate asylum seekers and immigrants and other immigrants. See, The Hill, January 9:

https://the hill.com/opinion/immigration/477577/-our-moral-obligation-to-us-migrants-and-asylum-seekers

After visiting overcrowded immigrant border shelters , an ICE detention center and an asylum hearing courtroom along with other Jewish clergy, Eisen writes:

"What we saw was profoundly sobering. The predicament of those trapped at the Mexican border looks increasingly bleak as the federal government enacts more restrictive policies in the name of protecting Americans from the alleged invasion."

Eisen then explains what motivated him to write:

"When people asked me why I was making this journey, my answer was simple: 'Because I am a Jew.' My grandparents arrived in this country seeking a better life, in some cases fleeing pogroms and persecutions, and the Torah's command to care for the stranger summons me in a voice I dare not ignore. The Bible tells us that Jews are not permitted to stand by in the face of suffering and injustice."

He then explains that this is not only a Jewish issue.:

"But the crisis at the border is a non-denominational issue and it should be non-partisan."

Unfortunately, in today's America, the crisis caused by the Trumps administration's egregious violations of essential human rights of nonwhite immigrants is anything but non-partisan. One party is blindly following its Leader into making hatred of non-European immigrants, both legal and "irregular", as the centerpiece of its agenda, while the other party's leaders are too cowardly to mount an effective defense of immigrants' human rights which are being trampled on.

Ironically, the driving force of this agenda of anti-immigrant persecution, Stephen Miller, is also the grandchild of a Jewish immigrant. What kind of understanding of the Jewish heritage of care and compassion for the suffering of the stranger in our midst is he showing?

And how much understanding of this tradition of essential humanity does Miller's boss Donald Trump, who claims to be a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people, show in his immigration policy, which includes drastic measures against even the most highly skilled and educated legal immigrants, not only asylum seekers and unauthorized immigrants?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law