No, the Dreamers are not actually being deported yet, but the first steps to expel up to 800,000 DACA registrants from the US (and to blame President Obama, who set up the program to protect them, rather than Donald Trump, who cancelled the program and threatens to throw them out) are already under way.

As I reported in my previous comment on this topic, ICE has begun the process of "re-calendaring" previously closed deportation cases against DACA registrants. This is in anticipation of a Supreme Court decision allowing Trump to terminate DACA, but as yet, there has not been any such decision and it is not yet definite that there ever will be.

Therefore, moving to reopen deportation cases without a Supreme Court decision allowing Trump to deport DACA registrants appears to be more of a form of psychological warfare designed to torment the Dreamers with the threat of upcoming deportation before any such action has even been legally authorized.

But the cruelty involved in this kind of psychological warfare is not the only form of cruelty involved in DACA termination. At the time when Trump announced DACA's termination in 2017, that action was condemned by human rights advocates as being a form of cruelty, and justly so.

On September 5, 2017, Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Huma Rights, issued the following statement in regard to DACA termination:

"President Trump's decision to end DACA inb six months is inhumane, cruel and shameful...

Ending DACA will devastate the lives of young men and women who have essentially known no other home than America. This is the latest in a series of mean-spirited, politically-motivated actions by President Trump that further corrodes his morally bankrupt administration and furthers an agenda supported by White supremacists and bigots."

The same is no less true now that it was when this statement was made slightly over two years ago. The only difference is that there have been so many other appalling acts of deliberate cruelty against non-European immigrants on the part of the Trump-Miller administration since then, that America is growing used to what could well be called a Culture of Cruelty.

This complacency in the face of a broader agenda by the Trump-Miller regime of hate and cruelty toward immigrants based on their ethnicity, ancestry or nationality, in violation of an INA provision prohibiting such discrimination and of the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection is a dangerous sign for America's democracy.

Trump's anti-immigrant Culture of Cruelty, of which DACA termination is only one small (or not so small) part, is also part of a broader pattern of dehumanization and human rights violations that has characterized Trump's immigration agenda from the time that he began his presidential campaign in 2015 with a racist tirade against Mexican and other nonwhite immigrants up until now.

Georgetown Law professor David A. Super wtirs as follows in The Hill concerting Trump's Culture of Cruelty relating to immigration

"Our immigration policy revolves around incarcerating innocent children, often in appalling conditions, and rejecting the most desperate asylum applicants fleeing the most extreme danger."

The same could be said regarding major immigration filing fee increases which USCIS has recently announced in order to increase funding for ICE. The increases have been condemned by leading Congressional Democrats as inequitable and directly contrary to Congressional intent.

These are only two examples for the Trump-Miller administration's policy of horrendous, deliberate cruelty against immigrants who are not form "Countries like Norway" as a means of deterring them from coming to or remaining in the United States, or from applying for legal permission to do so.

Cruelty and violations of basic human rights are an essential part of this agenda. I will give many other examples in forthcoming comments on this topic.

My best wishes to all readers for a very Happy New Year 2020.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College J.D.