At the time when President Barack Obama instituted DACA, there was a warning from the opposition side that one day, under a different president, DACA might make it easier rather than harder to deport immigrants registering for that program. The reasoning was that by registering for DACA, millions of unauthorized immigrants would be providing the government with personal information which could later be used against them for deportation purposes.

However, the fact that DACA information might later on be misused by a future malevolent president for a purpose opposite the the one intended was certainly no reason for scrapping the entire program. At least it is unlikely that the 800,000 immigrants who are now benefiting from DACA would agree. Almost any action that is taken with regard to immigration might have results in the future different from those initially contemplated.

To give an example of a different immigration program, at the time that Trump instituted the Muslim ban executive orders, supporters of the ban didn't seem to realize that if a current president were given the power to defy the guarantee of religious freedom enshrined in our Constitution by banning immigrants from Muslim countries, a future president whose bigotry might run in a different direction form Trump's bigotry, might use the same power to ban Jewish immigrants from Israel, or to ban Catholic immigrants from Europe (as was in fact done in the 1924 immigration law..

In any event, warnings about possible misuse of DACA in the future were not taken seriously, because at the time that he announced the termination of DACA, Trump put out the line that, of course, he would never dream of doing anything as nasty as actually deporting DACA recipients. Later on, during Supreme Court argument on DACA, Chief Justice Roberts bought into these assurances hook, line, and sinker, as Frank Sharry of America's Voice describes in a December 23 press release entitled:

Chief Justice Roberts, You were wrong. Trump does want to deport DACA recipients

Sharry quotes Roberts during the Supreme Court's oral argument on DACA as saying:

"...the whole thing [about DACA] was about work authorization and these other benefits. Both administrations have said that they're not going to deport the people."

Now, with a December 21 CNN report that the Trump-Miller administration is moving to reopen previously closed deportation cases against DACA recipients who have no or only minor criminal records, Trump's assurances are turning out to be a hollow, if not actually fraudulent, as so many of his other statements on immigration have been.

For this reason, Roberts was either in denial, as Frank Sharry asserts, or was being misled by the Trump administration about the real issue involved in DACA. See CNN:

ICE reopening long-closed Dreamer deportation cases

Is this about-face (one might call it turncoat action) by Trump and Miller the fault of former president Barack Obama? That would seem to be an example of convoluted, if not Orwellian, reasoning at best - the idea being that a president who saved neatly a million immigrants from deportation through DACA really hurt them instead, while a different president who is actually threatening to deport them has no responsibility for this action.

CNN reports as follows:

"ICE confirmed to CNN that DACA recipients whose deportation cases have been administratively closed can expect to see them reopened. In an email, the agency states that 're-calendaring of administratively closed cases is occurring nationwide and not isolated to a particular state or region.'"

The same CNN report also states:

"The move to reopen deportation cases against Dreamers comes as the US Supreme Court considers whether to let the Trump administration end the program - and during oral arguments in November, at least some justices made it clear that they were accepting the president's assurances that ending DACA would not mean deporting Dreamers."

The only possible conclusion is that the Trump administration either deliberately misled the Supreme Court, whose Chief Justice and, as CNN also mentions, other justices as well, relied on its assurance that no Dreamers would be deported; or else that the no deportation assurance is now "inoperative" (to use a famous expression from the Nixon administration during the Watergate scandal).

The above raises a few questions:

1) Is this act of outright deception (worst case) or sleight of hand (at best) on the part of the Trump administration with regard to its intention to deport Dreamers if DACA is terminated the fault of former President Obama?

2) Full information about Dreamers whose deportation cases were closed was already known to the government at the time that President Obama established DACA. Otherwise, the deportation cases would not have been started in the first place. How could establishing DACA and closing their cases have put these deportation respondents at any greater risk than they already were subject to?

3) President Obama established DACA to try to save the "Dreamers" from being deported. Donald Trump is now trying to end DACA in order to deport them. If they are eventually deported, will that be President Obama's fault? That kind of argument could only come out of a George Orwell novel.

4) Finally, we must ask, why is it so important to the Trump and Miller administration to deport the "Dreamers"? To answer that question, we need look no further than Miller's recently revealed almost 1,000 emails contending that non-white immigrants are not welcome in the United States, with or without legal status.

Deporting 800,000 "Dreamers" would be only one part of Miller's drive to accomplish this sweeping, white supremacist agenda, which would take America back to the 1924 Europeans-only immigration regime that Miller reportedly holds up as his ideal in the above mentioned emails, and which has very arguably become the basis of the Trump administration's entire immigration agenda.

As The Atlantic states regarding Miller's recently revealed immigration related emails (November, 2019):

" That Miller himself possesses a Jewish background is no obstacle to his believing that the racist and anti-Semitic restrictions of the 1920's were a great achievement and that the law that repealed them was a great tragedy. These comments shed a great deal of light on Miller's motives in shaping administration policy."

Nothing could be clearer about who will be responsible for deporting up to 800,000 Dreamers if Chief Justice Roberts and the other Supreme Court "conservatives" buy into the Trump administration's worthless assurances that the Dreamers will be safe from deportation even if DACA is terminated.

The president responsible for that exercise in ethnic cleansing will not be named Barack Obama.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law