As the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, which has been a symbol of liberty and freedom from oppression for 2,000 years approaches, 25 Jewish members of Congress, all Democrats, have signed a letter demanding the resignation of Donald Trump's main architect of oppression and persecution against nonwhite immigrants. This is even as Miller is reportedly preparing a new secret plan to inflict more appalling cruelty and violations of basic human rights against detained immigrant children because he objects to the color of their skin.

For more on the Congressional members' letter, which was in reaction to the shocking revelation of Miller's almost 1,000 recent extremist white supremacist anti-immigrant emails, see CNN (December 20):

The letter, addressed to Donald Trump (who will now forever be known as the third president in US history to be impeached by the House of Representatives) states in part:

"As Jewish members of Congress, we are calling on you to immediately relieve White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller of all government responsibilities and to dismiss him from your administration...His documentation of white nationalist and virulently anti-immigrant tropes is wholly unacceptable and disqualifying for a government employee."

But even as the above letter was written a news item has now come to light about a secret new policy that Miller has reportedly launched that will make it harder for detained immigrant children to be released by ICE to the custody of family members or friends who are willing to come forward to take custody of them.

This vicious new policy represents a new low in the appalling cruelty that Trump and Miller have shown toward young children whom Trump and Miller do not think should be welcome in the US because, as Trump reportedly said almost two years ago (in January 2018), they are not from "Countries like Norway."

Details of Miller's plan, which has not been publicly announced are contained in a December 20 Washington Post article entitled:

Under secret Stephen Miller plan, ICE to use data on migrant children to expand deportation efforts


The Post reports that senior officials at the Department of Health and Human Services:

"...agreed to allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to collect fingerprints and other biometric information from adults seeking to claim children at migrant shelters. If these adults are deemed ineligible to take custody of children, ICE could then use their information to target them for arrest and deportation."

The Post;s report also shows that this appears to be yet another attempt by the Trump-Miller regime to defy the intention of Congress, in keeping with the virtual dictatorship over immigration policy that America's third president to be impeached by the House (and the second for abuse of power) is imposing under the authoritarian "unitary executive" theory which directly conflicts with the Constitution and with our basic principles of democracy.

The Post report states:

"The arrangement appears to circumvent laws that restrict the use of the refugee program for deportation enforcement. Congress has made clear that it does not want those who come forward as potential sponsors of minors in U.S. custody to be frightened away by potential deportation."

But this is precisely what Stephen Miller is attempting to do, according to the above report.

How ironic that this appalling attack against children in pursuit of the Trump-Miller administration's racial immigration agenda came to light just before the Hanukkah holiday This holiday, which began this year on the evening of December 22, celebrates the heroic resistance of the Maccabees, Jewish freedom fighters, against an oppressive ruler, Antiochus, king of Syria, in 169 B.C.

Rabbi Sid Schwarz explains the meaning of Hanukkah as follows:

"Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of religious liberty and freedom."

But Hanukkah stands for more than just freedom of religious persecution - such as Donald Trump instituted within days after taking office ac president by imposing his Muslim ban - a blatant violation of the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom which should have immediately led to impeachment proceedings at that time.

As Rabbi Schwarz also writes concerning the tradition that a small amount of oil for the temple lamp lasted for eight days, Hanukkah is also a celebration of Human Rights in general:

"Whether one believes literally in the miracle of the high-octane oil, on a spiritual level Hanukkah is about a much bigger miracle. It is the miracle of faith conquering fear. of the few overcoming the many, of liberty winning out over oppression.

Hanukkah falls close to Human Rights Day which we celebrate every year on December 10. We ignore this day at our peril. The date was based on the 1948 ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the general Assembly of the United Nations.

Enshrines in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are principles at the core of democracy: the right to life, liberty and security of person; equal justice before the law; protection against cruel and degrading forms of punishment..."

What could be a more cruel and degrading practice than keeping young children incarcerated while intimidating their parents or other family members against coming to pick them up because of fear of being deported? It would be hard to imagine any greater form of deliberate sadism.

Therefore I would like to make the following proposal to Stephen Miller, the great grandson of an impecunious early 20th century Jewish immigrant who would without any question be barred from entry to the US under Miller's own vastly expanded Public Charge rules (if they ever go into effect).

I would ask Miller, who seems to be totally oblivious to the history of persecution and exclusion that Jewish immigrants were subjected to by the US government for much of the 20th century, including the 1930's and 1940's at the time of their most desperate need, whether he would be willing to agree to the following proposal:

If Stephen Miller and Donald Trump, who claims to be a great friend of the Jewish people and whose own daughter and son-in-law are Jewish, are unwilling to abandon their inhuman and arguably illegal practice of frightening parents or other relatives of detained immigrant children from coming to pick them up and arrange their release, through fear of action by ICE, would Trump and Miller be willing to suspend this barbaric practice for at least the eight days of Hanukkah as a gesture of good will, and in the spirit of the holiday?

Or would that be too much to ask?

With the above thoughts, I wish all readers a Happy Hanukkah and a very Merry Christmas.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law