All the media hoopla over what was a purely symbolic vote in the House of Representatives to impeach Donald Trump on the narrowest possible grounds cannot hide the fact that Donald Trump and his administration are committing far more serious and horrendous offenses amounting to High Crimes against humanity every single day that his and Stephen Miller's white nationalist anti-immigrant agenda remains in place.

The real grounds for impeachment that the Democratic leadership steadfastly ignored go far beyond abuse of power to force a foreign government to help Trump dig up dirt on a political rival. They go to the core of what kind of country America is and will be in the future.

The real issue in impeachment is Trump's attempt to put an end to America as a democratic nation with equal rights and justice for all, and to transform this country into a white nationalist dictatorship in which basic human rights no longer exist for brown people.

Nowhere is this made clearer than in the Trump-Miller immigration agenda. As I have written many times before and will repeat again, The Trump-Miller agenda is two-fold. On the one hand, it in involves committing atrocities against asylum seekers and "undocumented" immigrants by either forcing them to wait in inhuman conditions in some of the most dangerous countries on earth, while interning tens of thousands of immigrants, including young children without their parents in inhuman conditions in the US,

On the other hand, this agenda also consists of a broad attempt to turn the legal immigration system back to the white supremacist regime of the 1920's by systematically eliminating every avenue of legal immigration that is used by or associated with immigration from outside white Europe - whether skilled H-1B professionals from India or perhaps less skilled family and diversity-based immigrants from Africa and Latin America.

In the carrying out this agenda, even the most fundamental rights of due process and fairness in court and administrative proceedings are going by the boards, as witnessed by deportation and asylum hearings aimed at eliminating any vestiges of judicial or administrative independence.

This lack of fundamental fairness is also mirrored in the big increase and groundless RFE's and denial decisions in skilled immigration employment-based cases.

John Feffer of describes the failure of the Democrats' impeachment process to include the racist Trump-Miller immigration agenda as follows:

"But the narrowness of these [impeachment] charges should not obscure the broader pattern of Trump's crimes. From the point of view of basic morality and international law, Trump has committed far more consequential crimes and misdemeanors."

Further on in his article, Feffer explains:

"Thanks to Miller, the administration has forcibly sent thousands of desperate asylum-seekers back into harms way.. It separated nearly 70,000 children from their families and held hem in detention, more than any other country. These are policies [that] have done far greater harm than Trump's ham-fisted pressure policy on Ukraine. They fly in the face of basic decency and violayr international law."

See, December 18:

The Real Shadow Policy of the Trump Administration Is Racist Extremism the-trump-administration-is-racist-extremism/

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law