Update, December 18, 5:27 pm:

Salon reports on December 18 that Stephen Miller was involved in the drafting of Trump's tirade letter attacking Nancy Pelosi over impeachment. This is exactly what I suspected in my original comment below.


Miller's involvement in drafting this letter would also explain its tone of hatred against immigrants, even though the impeachment articles that the Democrats have drafted and are now debating in the House have nothing to do with immigration.

My original comment follows below.

In a ranting December 17 letter to Nancy Pelosi filled with invective, Donald Trump, among many other targets, blamed immigrants for the impeachment proceedings against him. The letter appears to have been written by Stephen Miller or possibly by one of Trump's other top anti-immigrant agenda enablers, A.G. William Barr or USCIS director Ken Cuccunelli, because it is far more coherent and detailed than Trump's usual output, even though it is certainly not lacking in Terms of Trump's usual venomous and vindictive tone in the face of even the slightest criticism from any source whatsoever.

Most of the letter's contents are not directly related to immigration and are therefore beyond the scope of this comment. But even though the Democrats are trying as hard as possible to avoid talking about Stephen Miller's white supremacist emails or any other part of Trump's "Countries like Norway" immigration agenda in connection with impeachment, Trump's letter to Pelosi shows no such compunctions.

The letter explicitly blames the Democrats using opposition to Trump's anti-immigrant policies as one of the motives for his impeachment. In relevant part, the letter lists the following among his claimed accomplishments as president:

"...a colossal reduction in illegal border crossings, the ending of Catch-and-Release and the building of the Southern Border Wall [which except for a few miles here and there, exists mainly in Trump's imagination and is facing fierce opposition in the courts]."

Trump's letter then goes on to blame Pelosi and theDemocratic opposition to his immigration agenda as a main motive for the impeachment proceedings against him:

"You cannot defend your extreme policies - open borders, mass migration, high crime..."

Note that from the beginning of his campaign and throughout his presidency, Trump has never budged from his demagogic attacks on nonwhite immigrants as violent criminals, despite copious evidence in independent studies that immigrants in general, including unauthorized immigrants, have lower crime rates than native-born Americans.

Trump also makes no mention of his attacks on the "best and brightest" Merit-Based legal immigrants, such as H-B, L-1 and O-1 applicants. This is despite the fact that he claims to favor highly skilled, educated immigrants as a pretext for trying to abolish most family and all diversity visas - which are especially popular with immigrants from outside Europe.

But what is the main "takeaway" from Trump's trying to drag immigration into a debate over impeachment when the Democrats have expressly ruled out even mentioning the word "immigration " as part of these proceedings? It is this: Hatred of nonwhite immigrants and a fierce determination to keep them out of the United States,1920's style, no matter what the category, are central to the Trump presidency.

In Trump's view, no discussion of his presidency should take place without referring to his agenda of expulsion and exclusion against non-European immigrants. And here is biggest takeaway of all from Trump's letter to Nancy Pelosi, By insisting that immigration policy should be part of the impeachment debate, Trump is, ironically, absolutely right.

The Democrats are doing a disservice, not only to immigrant communities across this country, but to the values of equal rights and democracy that the American people stand for and that this country is based on. Their cowardly failure even to mention the Trump=Miller-Barr-Cuccinelli racist anti-immigrant agenda as grounds for impeachment against Donald Trump will not be forgotten by history.

In his letter, Trump claims that history will long remember Pelosi's and the Democrats' botching of the impeachment proceedings. In a way that he certainly did not intend in his letter, he may very will be justified.

The full text of Trump's tirade against impeachment is available in the December 17 Washington Post.


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law