While the Trump administration and its apologists continue their misleading attempts to focus attention on so-called "illegal" immigration, as if that were the only issue involved in immigration, America's legal immigration system is steadily being dismantled and destroyed by this same administration.

This is true, not only with regard to family based or unskilled worker immigration, which Trump has claimed he wants to reduce or abolish in favor of "merit-based" immigration, but also with regard to the very "best and brightest" immigrants whom Trump and his enabled loudly claim to favor.

In reality, the "best and brightest" immigrants are among those who are being hit hardest by the Trump regime - especially if they are from India, China or other non-white countries. Opinion writer Rachel Morris presents one of the most detailed and comprehensive reports on the Trump administration wide-ranging attack on legal immigration in a November 24 Huffington Post article entitled:

Trump Got His Wall, After All


Her article begins as follows:


She continues:

"The animating force behind Trump's entire presidency - the idea that radiated a warning of dangerous bigotry to his opponents and unapologetic nativism to his supporters - will never be built in the way that he imagined."

Instead of a wall of steel and concrete (with or without snakes and alligators, as Trump reportedly suggested recently, Stephen Miller, Ken Cuccinelli and other similarly-minded administration officials have built one of regulations, policy memos, and skewed interpretations, all without changing a single word in the existing immigration laws. What are some of the the results?

Morris explains:

"In the two years after Trump took office, denials for H-1B's, the most common form of visa for skilled workers, more than doubled. In the same time period, wait times for citizenship also doubled, while average processing times for all visas jumped by 46 percent, even as the quantity of applications went down. In 2018, the United States added just 200,000 immigrants to the population, a startling 70 per cent less than the year before."

And this was before Stephen Miller's recent draconian Public Charge and Private Health Insurance exclusion rules, which have now temporarily blocked by the lower federal courts, but might still be upheld one day by the ideological majority on the Supreme Court, which seems to be heading closer to adopting A.G. William Barr's fascist theory of the "Unitary Executive" as far as immigration is concerned.

And this was also before the expected new rules to be announced shortly that are likely to redefine basic terms in both the H-1B and L-1 categories to make these visas much more difficult, if not impossible, to obtain, especially for applicants from countries such as India and China. See, ForumDaily:

Trump administration plans a series of new immigration rules: what will change


I will continue my discussion of Morris' seminal article, and how skilled, professional and other non-European legal immigrants, who are the obvious targets of the Trump administration's new authoritarian rules and procedures, can respond to these developments in my forthcoming installments in this series.

My forthcoming comments will also focus on the House Democrats' appalling shortsightedness and misjudgment in failing to include Trump's and Miller's anti-immigrants bigotry as grounds for impeachment.

In this connection, see Chauncey de Vega's November 25 Salon article:

Stephen Miller's white supremacy is no surprise - but it raises the stakes on impeachment and 2020


I will have more to say about this article as the House Democrats continue to get bogged down in what most voters see as a side issue of Trump's dealings with a country that most American's would not be able to find on a map, while missing what should be the main point of Trump's impeachment, namely his anti-immigrant racism.

For anyone who seriously cares about history, Andrew Johnson' impeachment in 1868 was in large part about his white supremacist racism against newly emancipated African-Americans.

Why should Donald Trump be let off the impeachment hook for his authoritarian agenda, going against the will of America's elected representatives in Congress, of imposing a racist regime against immigrants, just as Andrew Johnson did against African-Americans?

Roger Algase
Atorney at Law