Two recent articles by courageous columnists show that there is much more at stake in the battle over impeachment than the issue of Trump's attempt to gain an advantage over his main rival, for the presidency by engaging in extortion against the president of a country that most Americans would have a hard time fining on a map. The real issues involved in Trump's impeachment are whether America can continue as a multi-racial or democracy or whether this country will turn into a fascist state in which only white people are welcome or have have any columnist Chauncey de Vega explains this issue plainly and dramatically in his November 25 column,(which is also available on

Stephen Miller proves the Trump regime is a white supremacist enterprise. Will Americans choose to save our multiracial democracy?

De Vega writes that the Democrats, in their articles of impeachment against Trump, should include:

"...the full panoply of crimes and other unpresidential behavior - encouraging white supremacy and other political violence and crimes against humanity as demonstrated by his regime's treatment of nonwhite migrants..."

With regard to De Vega's reference to Crimes against Humanity, this term is certainly applicable to Trump's horrific and Orwellian "Safe Third Country" agreements to send legitimate asylum-seekers to wait in three of the most dangerous countries on earth - Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, in a shocking and appalling violation of international human rights and humanitarian law which I will be writing about in more detail in a forthcoming comment.

But, as Catherine Rampell shows in a November 25 Washington Post column, Trump's bigotry against nonwhite immigrants is not just apparent in isolated examples. It extends across the board to applicants for almost every type of legal visas or immigration status, including but certainly not limited to F-1 students, H-1B specialty occupation workers, or refugee admissions (which Trump has just cut to an historic law of only 18,000 per year - Miller reportedly wanted to cut the number for 2020 to zero)! See:

There's no other way to explain Trump's immigration policy. It's just bigotry.

Rampell writes:

"It was never about protecting the border, rule of law or the U.S. economy. And it was never about 'illegal' immigration for that matter.

Trump's anti-immigrant bigotry was always just anti-immigrant bigotry...

Trump's rhetoric may focus on 'illegals,' but recent data releases suggest this administration has been blocking off every available avenue for legal immigration, too."

Democrats, Republicans and Independents all know that Rampell is telling the truth about Trump's immigration agenda. Trump knows this too. So, of course, does Miller, as well as all serious immigration observers. What is the point in pretending otherwise?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law