A growing number of people are coming to realize that the dark curtain of anti-immigrant bigotry and hatred that Donald Trump and Stephen Miller are bringing down on America will not be lifted by the Democratic leadership's timid and shortsighted attempt to limit the grounds of impeachment to the president's attempt to extort the government of Ukraine into digging up dirt on one of his political rivals to influence next year's election, no matter how reprehensible this abuse of power may be.

The damage that Trump and Miller are doing to America's society - and democracy - by attempting to give legal justification to a regime of hatred and discrimination against nonwhite immigrants through a series of administrative regulations and executive orders without any input from Congress recalls the maxim of the great Roman poet Lucan writing in the 1st century A.D. during the reign of the emperor Nero:

iusque datum sceleri canimus ("I sing of legality bestowed on infamy." De Bello Civile, Book 1)

Almost with each passing day the mountain of evidence of infamy which Trump and Stephen Miller are trying to perpetrate against legal as well as irregular immigrants under the color of law (no pun intended) grows higher and higher. This is taking place in the appalling cruelties of his "Remain in Mexico" policy against legitimate asylum seekers or the Dangerous and Deadly "Safe Third Country" agreements which he has been bludgeoning the Northern Triangle countries of Central America into accepting through threats to withhold aid similar to those he made against Ukraine.

It is also taking place in the openly bigoted attempts that Trump and Miller are making to cut off legal immigration from outside Europe and take the entire system back to the 1920's regime favoring only "Countries like Norway", as in Trump's own reported January 2018 statement and Miller's in recently revealed nearly 1,000 openly racist emails. Witness Miller's recent "Public Charge" and "Buy Private Insurance" rules which have temporarily been blocked by courageous federal judges whom USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli has says he would like to push "out of the way in favor of A.G. Williamm Barr's fascist-style "Unitary Executive" ideology.

Common Dreams reports on November 22 that growing number of decent-minded Americans who care about our democracy are urging the Democratic House leadership to expand the impeachment investigation against Donald Trump instead of limiting it to his dealing with Ukraine in support of election dirty tricks against Joe Biden. This site states, concerning a recent new poll:;

"The poll found that 42 percent of American votes expressed support for a House investigation into a full range of abuses of power compared to only 9 percent of voters who would prefer a narrow approach focused solely on President Trump's unlawful dealings with Ukraine."

Among the expanded grounds that voters want investigated are:

"...Trump's separation of immigrant families or his history of inciting discrimination and bigotry."


Nancy Pelosi, are you listening?

For moreabout Stephen Miller's white supremacist bigotry and its pernicious effect on the Trump administration's immigration agenda, see columnist Ishaan Tharoor in the Washington Post, November 25:

The far-right agenda of Trump's most controversial aide

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law