Update, November 23, 8:34 am:

Outrage continues to grow over Stephen Miller's nearly 1,000 reported emails in 2015 and 2016 expressing far right white supremacist views on immigration. According to the latest (November 22) report in The Guardian, Miller also claimed in a radio interview with Steve Bannon of Breitbart news (who also later became a top Trump presidential adviser, albeit for a brief period) that immigration would "decimate" America and cause it to lose its "sovereignty".

Bannon's remarks were by no means limited to unauthorized immigration, but were also obviously aimed against non-European legal immigrants. See:


The same report states that more than 80 members of Congress, 55 civil rights groups and Democratic presidential candidates have demanded Miller's resignation.

As the House impeachment hearings end and the Judiciary Committee begins drawing up articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, it is becoming more and more obvious that the Democratic leaders may be making a huge, devastating, mistake by limiting their impeachment investigation to the side issue of Trump's corrupt attempt to extort and browbeat a foreign leader into helping Trump smear an arguably weak and flawed presidential opponent, Joe Biden.

As more and more reports surface about Miller's extreme racist views on immigration and their enormous effect on Trump's entire immigration agenda, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Democrats are squandering the opportunity to put an end to Miller's attempt to bar nonwhite immigrants in every category from the US and to bring back the 1924 style whites only immigration regime which Adolf Hitler once praised as America's great contribution to Nazi ideology.

My earlier comments follow below:

The Democrats' crowing over the November 20 impeachment hearing testimony by a State Department official, Gordon Sundland, that provided even more evidence than was already widely available of "Gotcha" with Donald Trump's Ukraine "Quid Pro Quo", merely highlights the shortsightedness and cowardice of the decision to conduct a narrow impeachment inquiry which leaves many far more serious issues, that pose far greater danger to America's society and democracy including Trump's and Stephen Miller's racist immigration agenda, off the table. Future history may show that Nancy Pelosi's decision to limit the inquiry to only one issue, and leave out immigration entirely may be one of the most disastrous Congressional decisions ever made in America.

Alex Pareene presents a powerful argument, based on the most incisive analysis of the 1868 Andrew Johnson impeachment yet to appear, that ignoring what he calls the "giant of white racism" which hs the centerpiece of the Trump administration's policies today, could render impeachment largely ineffective. See, New Republic:

Making Impeachment Matter


And there can be no doubt that the "giant of white racism" dominates virtually every facet of Trump era immigration policy today. This is thanks to Stephen Miller, who is facing growing calls for his resignation over a scandal involving hundreds of his openly racist anti-immigrant emails based on white nationalist sources that dwarfs any irregularities that there may have been in Hillary Clinton's emails once upon a time. See, The Guardian, November 21:

'His beliefs are appalling': email scandal sparks calls for Stephen Miller to resign


There is ample evidence that Miller's white nationalism rules the immigration roost, opposed only by a number of courageous federal judges whom two of Trump's top immigration immigration officials want to strip of their powers and render ineffective to oppose Trump's racist agenda.

I refer to A.G. William Barr with his theroy of a "Unitary Executive" which would make Trump a virtual dictator, I also refer to USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli, who, putting things more crudely, wants federal judges to "get out of the way" of Trump's immigration agenda.

But even this hostile anti-immigrant administration, which, according to Miller's emails, has the goal of taking America back in the direction of 1920's "Nordics only" style white supremacy in immigration, skilled and professional immigration success is still.possible. immigrants need to fight back and and resist by not allowing Trump and Miller to intimidate them from filing for immigration benefits which they are qualified by law.

I will discuss the details of two recent successful cases from my own practice in the forthcoming Part 2 of this series. One of these cases involves an H-1B approval in the face of an exceptionally negative and hostile RFE. The other relates to an extremely gratifying O-1 approval without an RFE.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law