In an appalling indication that full blown fascism could be closer to becoming a reality in America under the Trump administration than most of the media and public are willing to admit, The Guardian reported on November 13 that Trump wanted to send all immigrants crossing into the US from Mexico without authorization to Guantanamo as "enemy combatants". This is a according to a new book by "Anonymous:, a former Trump administration official who also wrote a shocking New York Times op-ed last year alleging abuses of power by the president. See:

The Guardian reports:

"The author says the wild idea was quickly and quietly opposed: 'Before the president could make a public case for the concept, officials quashed it.'"

The article also states:

The author calls the idea morally offensive and 'truly insane, on its face, for America to send migrant children and families to a terrorist prison in Cuba.;"

But inhuman, irrational and illegitimate policies aimed at keeping brown immigrants out of the United States and expelling those who are already in the country have become the norm under the Trump-Miller administration.Trump has come under criticism of detaining immigrants in quasi-concentration camp conditions. Is his ultimate goal to build real ones for immigrants to do not happen to come form "Countries like Norway?

While the above story has not been independently verified and would no doubt be denied by a president whose record of regard for the truth on immigration and other matters has frequently been challenged, it should set off alarm bells about the future of America's democracy while Trump remains in office.

Trump has already given ample evidence of his authoritarian instincts by repeatedly going around Congress on immigration policy. How much longer will it be before this develops into full-scale fascism in America? See, Washington Post, November 14:

Trump has bulldozed over Congress on immigration. Will lawmakers ever act?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law