Update, November 13, 12:38 pm:

See also, Frank Sharry of America's Voice:

Stephen Miller's White Supremacist Views Matter Because They Dictate Trump Administration Policy


My earlier comment follows:

While the headlines continue to obsess over the ins and outs of Donald Trump's dealings with the president of Ukraine in an impeachment spectacle where Trump's acquittal by the Republican-controlled Senate is all but foregone conclusion, far more horrifying developments relating to immigration, with far greater significance and danger to our democracy, are being downplayed by the media - and are likely soon to be forgotten.

A shocking November 12 Washington Post story describes a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) alleging that in 2015 and 2016, Stephen Miller, then an aide to Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) a fierce immigration opponent who was later to become first attorney general, and who (Miller) is now widely regarded of the "architect" of Trump's entire agenda of exclusion and persecution of non-white immigrants, sent nearly 900 emails to the editor of Breitbart News urging it to publish material from far-right extremist white nationalist sources urging the exclusion of all immigrants of color from America.

See, WAPO, November 12:

Leaked Stephen Miller emails suggest Trump's point man on immigration promoted white nationalism


The Post article describes the SPLC report that

"...draws on more than 900 leaked emails that Miller sent to a Breitbart writer over a 15-month period between 2015 and 2016. The [SPLC} report describes Miller's emails as overwhelmingly focused on race and immigration and characterizes him as obsessed with ideas such as 'white genocide' (a conspiracy theory associated with white supremacists) and sharply curbing immigration by nonwhites."

The story also reports:

"Among the more damning email exchanges highlighted in the SPLC report is one that shows Miller directing a Breitbart reporter to aggregates stories fro the white supremacist journal American Renaissance that emphasize crimes committed by immigrants and nonwhites...Others reportedly show him promoting 'The camp of Saints', a racist French novel popular among white nationalists."

A report on the same story in The Guardian also describes Miller's admiration for the racist immigration policies of President Calvin Coolidge, who signed the notorious 1924 "national origins" immigration act that effectively barred immigration from most parts of the world other than the "Nordic" countries of Europe: The Guardian story mentions:

"Miller repeatedly brings up President Calvin Coolidge, who is revered among white nationalists for signing the the 1924 Immigration Act which included racial quotas for immigration."



The fact that this racially bigoted US immigration law was also highly praised at the time by a certain up-and-coming politician who became the head of the German government a decade later does not seem to have been of any concern to Miller at all.

But the fact that Miller, throughout is career, has shown hostility to non-white people ans has been associated with people who want to keep non-white people from immigrating to the United States is not exactly new. The importance of Millers racial views is not so much in the fact that he has done so much to spread them in far right wing media, but in the fact they they have become the basis for US immigration policy under the Trump administration.

Miller's racist views are not merely expressions of opinion to which everyone is entitled under our Constitution guarantee for free speech. Except when struck down or put on hold by courageous federal judges who believe in the basic principles of democracy and judicial independence, as in the recent district court decisions involving Public Charge and health insurance, Miller white nationalist agenda is becoming the face and substance of America's immigration system today. This applies to legal immigration as well as unauthorized immigration.

In the forthcoming Part 2 of this two-part series, I will discuss three examples of the way in which Millers' racist agenda is not only remaking America's immigration system in the image of the bigoted 1924 immigration act, but to use Justic Sonia Sotomayor's phrase during the Supreme Court's DACA oral argument on November 12, is "destroying lives."

This expression not only applies to the lives of some 800,000 DACA recipients who will be without work permits and at risk of deportation due to Trump's cancellation of this program, which the right wing majority on the Court appears ready to rubber stamp. It it also applies to two other instances of grave humanitarian and human rights concern - the appalling conditions in which nearly 70,000 unaccompanied immigrant children have been held at the US border, and the equally horrendous conditions affecting asylum seekers at the same US border.

I will discuss this in more detail in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law