Update, October 30 at 10:18 am:

The Trump regime is not only carrying out appalling human rights violations against asylum seekers who are forced to remain in Mexico or horrendously dangerous Central American countries instead of being able to apply in the US. It is also engaging in ongoing brutality against immigrant detainees inside the US. Tom K. Wong,
a professor at UC San Diego and a former unauthorized immigrant himself, has released a report about continuing horrific conditions in US immigration jails, as The Guardian reports on October 29. See:


This is not the right forum to comment on the president's Ukraine scandal, which is grabbing all the headlines for the moment. But when the history of the Trump regime is written for future generations of Americans - and immigrants - to look back on, the terrible inhumanity and injustices that the Trump regime is now inflicting, not only on asylees and refugees from some of the most dangerous places on this planet, but on immigrants in all categories, legal and otherwise, who do not have his preferred European ancestry and white skin color, will without the slightest doubt be far better remembered as Trump's "legacy" than his shameful attempts to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Update, 4:06 pm:

An October 29 WP article by Greg Sargent details the appalling cruelty of Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy toward asylum seekers. Violence against these vulnerable immigrants is also way up, according a report by US Immigration Policy Center cited in the article.

Trump's efforts to keep legitimate asylum seekers out of the the United States will go down in the history of American cruelty and sadism toward nonwhite immigrants long after Trump's attempt to force Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden has been forgotten.
See, WP

The other humanitarian crisis under Trump exposed by a new report

My earlier comment follows.

While Congress and the media are consumed with the impeachment investigation over Trump's alleged threat to withhold aid to Ukraine for his own political advantage, why is there such silence over his much more ominous, and successfully carried out, threat to withhold aid to three dangerous and poverty stricken Central American countries unless they agreed to let him to send many thousands of legitimate asylum-seekers there despite the threat to their lives and safety?

Trump is also being criticized for betraying American values in Syria, Why is no one talking about his trashing of American and internationally recognized human rights values by sending asylum seekers to three of the most dangerous countries on earth? See, Washington Post October 28

Trump administration to begin sending asylum seekers to Guatemala as soon as this week

The Post writes:

Guatemala' president-elect, Alejandro Giamattei, has criticized the deal, but Trump officials reiterated this month that the United States will slash government assistance if Guatemala backs out.

Kevin McAleenan, who plans to step down as acting DHS Secretary as soon as Thursday, has secured similar deals with Honduras and El Salvador, but these deals have not been implemented."

ThePoststory says that McCalleenan wanted to implement the agreements with those two countries gradually to avoid "overwhelming" them with asylum applications. Is this "gradual" approach the reason that he was ousted by Trump?

The Post story continues:

"Critics of the accords say it is unrealistic to expect weak Central American governments to safely resettle vulnerable groups when they already struggle with widespread poverty.and some of the world's highest homicide rates."

"Unrealistic" is a very inadequate word to describe the abyss of inhumanity and Orwellian falsehood and cynicism that the Trump administration is sinking into by strong-arming these countries by withholding vitally needed aid in order to force them to sign "safe country" agreements that will give Trump an excuse for barring desperate asylum-seekers from the US because they are not from "Countries like Norway".

Which country will Trump sign his next "safe country" agreement with as a pretext for keeping desperate asylum-seekers out of the US? Syria?

It is fine for the Democrats to impeach Trump for blocking aid to try to force a foreign government into digging up dirt on a presidential election rival. But isn't using aid withholding as a club to bludgeon government of three of the most dangerous countries in the world to sign fraudulent "safe country" agreements as part of Trump's white supremacist immigration agenda ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or a million times worse (depending on how many people are forced to wait in these countries in violation of the non-"refoulement" principle of international asylum law)?

Why are the Democrats not investigating this act of moral bankruptcy and descent into the were of egregious human right violations? Surely, history will judge them to be complicit in what may well be looked on by future generations as Trump's crimes against humanity regarding asylum seekers.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law