The Washington Post, a paper that Trump has ordered the federal government to stop subscribing to because he can't tolerate its criticism, reports on October 26 that Trump has ordered administration officials to "take the land" from private owners along the Mexican border to build his Wall no matter what the law says about their rights to keep their land or seek adequate compensation in court.

Trump also shows no concern for the landowners' livelihoods, or the fact that the land he wants to force them to give up may have been in their families for generations. See, WP:

Trump administration has acquired little of the private land in Texas it needs for border barrier.

In effect, in his obsession to build a monument to hatred and discrimination against brown immigrants and violate the internationally recognized human rights of immigrants to escape persecution and poverty in their home countries and seek a better life somewhere else through lawful means, (as recognized by the December, 2018 UN Global Compact for Migration adopted at Marrakesh, Morocco), Trump is also violating the basic human rights of American citizens to earn a livelihood and self-sufficiency through their own efforts and their own property.

And by telling his officials to "take the land" no matter what the law says, the president is once again showing that hatred of immigrants and his goal keeping America white "Trumps" democracy and the rule of law in America. For more on the danger to democracy inherent in Trump's agenda of hatred against nonwhite immigrants, see, New Republic,
arch 25:

The Republican Party's Far-Right Strongman Caucus

Even before Trump became president, right wing nationalists in Congress such as Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Dana Rohrbacher (R-California) were urging support for the anti-immigrant, proto-fascist government of Viktor Orban in Hungary. The above article reports:

The Obama administration viewed Orban's demonization of refugees as part of a larger anti-democratic campaign to silence political opposition, stifle the free press, erode the independence of the judiciary and scapegoat supposed outsiders as conspirators against Hungary's sovereignty"

Trump, who after taking office has shown great friendship and support for Orban (who has built his own Wall of Hatred against Middle Eastern and African refugees) is using attacks on refugees, whose admission levels he has now cut to the lowest in many decades; and on asylum seekers and other nonwhite immigrants, against whom he is now trying to build his fascist Wall, for the same purpose - to extinguish democracy.

Trump's Wall is not only intended as a symbol of white supremacist anti-immigrant hate, but as an attack on freedom and human rights - recalling the infamous Berlin Wall and Warsaw Ghetto Wall of the darkest periods of the last century.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law