In the wake of the growing number of non-immigration related corruption and abuse of power allegations against Trump, calls for his impeachment are growing lower and louder on Capitol Hill.

Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N) - once again! - are speaking out for impeachment, with AOC calling the Democratic leadership's hesitation to begin this process a "National Scandal." (as The Hill reports on September 22). See also, Washington Post, September 22:

'We've been very weak': House Democrats decry their oversight of Trump, push Pelosi on impeachment

But there is an even more compelling, immigration related, ground for impeachment involving conduct by the Trump-Miller administration which is far more openly defiant of the Rule of Law and dangerous for America's democracy than the non-immigration related allegations which have have been grabbing the deadlines for almost as long as Trump has been in office.

To be more specific, a September 20 Washington Post editorial discusses a DHS announcement of a plan to combat domestic white supremacist threats such as mass shootings. See:

DHS says it's ready to fight white supremacism. It can't do it alone

But how effective will any action by the DHS against domestic white supremacists be when DHS and the Trump administration itself are actively carrying out the nation's largest white supremacist agenda of all - namely putting into effect Donald Trump's and Stephen Miller's agenda of abolishing the protections against racial and national origin discrimination contained the landmark immigration act of 1965?

Yet this is exactly what the Trump, Miller and their compliant DHS are doing now, in a great variety of ways which are likely to result in barring or expelling millions of immigrants from the United States - solely because of their skin color or religion.

In effect, the Trump-Miller administration is abolishing the landmark 1965 immigration act which prohibited discrimination against immigrants seeking entry to the United States on the grounds of race, religion or national origin. This law, which overturned four decades of racial and religious bigotry against non-"Nordic" immigrants mandated by the previous, 1924 "national origins" immigration act, has been the centerpiece of America's immigration system for the past more than ha;f a century.

In order to understand the huge significance of the 1965 immigration act which Trump and Miller are now trying to nullify and destroy through regulations and executive decrees without the consent of Congress, it is necessary to look at the 1924 law which preceded and was repealed by the 1965 statute.

Josh Zeitz, who has taught US history at Cambridge and Princeton Universities, describes the effect of the 1924 "national origins" immigration act as follows in an August 20, 2016 POLITICO article: See;

"The era's racism rested on a complex bedrock...But scientific racism was always at its core. It formed the intellectual basis of the Immigration Act of 1924, which limited the annual number of immigrants from any given country to just 2 percent of the total number of persons born in that country who resided in the United States in 1890. By using 1890 as a benchmark, the law favored older immigrant groups from Northern and Central Europe. For Jews, Italians, Greeks, Slavs Croatians and Russians, the door effectively swung shut. (For the Chinese, that door had been closed since 1882, when Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act.)"

Zeitz then describes the reason for passage of the 1965 immigration act repealing the bigoted 1924 law:

"In the postwar years, northern liberals clamored for immigration reform and civil rights. As Jim Crow [racial segregation] came under increased fire, it became possible to attack the national origins standard (the very backbone of the 1924 law) for what it was...'a policy of deliberate discrimination' that 'contradicts the founding principles o this nation.'"

Trump and Miller are now, in effect, bringing back the 1924 act''s policy of deliberate discrimination, at least as far as nonwhite immigrants are concerned, by repealing the 1965 law though executive action without asking Congress, which has the sole power to make the laws in America under our Constitution. This attempt to undo a half century of duly enacted Congressional leg legislation by executive fiat to make anti-immigrant racism the Law of the Land in a throwback to 1924 is a direct attack on our democracy.

How, exactly, are Trump and Miller undermining and destroying the principle of racial equality in immigration which is at the heart of the 1965 law. They are doing this methodically, step-by-step.

They are doing it by distorting and disregarding this nation's asylum laws and international human rights asylum standards to bar Central American and many other nonwhite asylum seekers from applying in the United States - with the open connivance of a politically motivated Supreme Court majority which is becoming nothing more than a rubber stamp for the racist Trump-Miller agenda.

See Sasha Abramsski, writing in on September 16:

Supreme Court Ruling Pushes Tens of Thousands Toward Summary Deportation

Trump and Miller are destroying the equal protection guarantees of the the 1965 immigration act and the US constitution by imposing a bigoted new expansion of traditional public charge exclusion grounds (which themselves have a nearly 200-year history of bigotry in being used against successive groups of targeted immigrants) See, Abramsky's interview (August 30):

Public Charge Rule is an Attempt to Impose a White nationalist Vision of America white-nationalist-vision-of-america/

Abramsky states:

"And this is an extraordinary change in immigration policy. What they're basically doing is rewriting 50-plus years of immigration policy...which has prioritized a diversity of immigration from different parts of the world. And thry're saying: 'No , we're going to go back to the... 1920's vision which prioritizes...white migration, English-speaking migrants and so on.' This is a huge change. It's all wrapped up under the guise of a bureaucratic tweak."

One could also mention the Trump-Miller plan which is no being floated to cut legal refugee admissions (already at their lowest levels in decades) to zero for 2020; the reductions in TPS, and many other administrative changes, including the unprecedented flood of openly biased RFE's and denials in both employment based and family-sponsored petitions and applications for legal immigration benefits filed with USCIS, that are specifically designed to limit immigration to people who, in Trump's own January 2018 reported White House conference words, come from "Countries like Norway."

House Democrats have an opportunity to stop the Trump-Miller move back toward 1924 whites-only immigration by launching an impeachment investigation - before it is too late - of this entire bigoted immigration agenda, which is already causing tremendous suffering to tens of thousands of nonwhite immigrants and creating an atmosphere of fear and terror in immigrant communities across America.

If Nancy Pelosi and the other House Democratic leaders miss this opportunity, they will also bear the burden of history for being complicit in the Trump regime's white supremacist assault on immigration - and our democracy.

Roger Algase,
Attorney at Law