At the September 12 Democratic debate in Houston, while the three leading candidates wasted valuable time attacking each other over the minutiae of various health care proposals, with only Kamala Harris (among the serious contenders) focusing on the urgent danger to America posed by Donald Trump, there was no mention at all (so far as I am aware - I did not watch the entire debate) of the destructive effect that Trump's border Wall is having on everything that America stands for.

First and foremost Trump's Wall is a monument to racism. It has no other purpose than to proclaim that mo immigrants are welcome in America unless they are white. Just as the Statue of Liberty was erected as a monument of welcome, acceptance and compassion for immigrants from everywhere - not just Europe, as USCIS director recently claimed in a bigoted statement that shows his total lack of qualifications to be the head of America's legal immigration system - Trump's Wall is a monument to hatred and exclusion.of brown immigrants.

Bryan Lee, Jr. and architectural commentator writes the following in a January 14 piece entitled:

Trump's Border Wall is a Monument to White Supremacy

"Monuments at their most cynical are propaganda -symbols that occupy space in the name of an ideology. As the Trump administration conceives it, a border wall would be next level propaganda: a racist monument designed to stretch across states, dividing humans, instilling fear in communities, and occupying land to promote a system that views migrants and refugees as an enemy to be subjugated through force."

It is no secret that openly white supremacist organizations and spokespersons are desperately anxious for Trump's Wall to go up as quickly as possible an as high as possible.

Bill Fletcher Jr. writes the following on a March 5 opinion piece on, see :

Trump's Wall is a Symbol With a Long and Toxic History

"The Wall speaks to a conception of who and what the U.S. is supposed to be as well as who is welcome. Continued references by Trump and his acolytes made clear through their demonization of Latino, African, Caribbean and many Asian immigrants that what was at stake was not an immigration question but rather an opposition to nonwhite immigration,"

But Trump's Wall is more than "just" a symbol of racism and white supremacy. It is also a symbol of totalitarian rule by a president who consistently demonizes his political opponents, including immigration supporters, as people who "hate America" and should be "sent back" as well as constantly attacking America's fre press and independent judiciary.

It should not be forgotten that, for 28 years, from 1961 to 1989, the Berlin Wall stood as a symbol of Communist tyranny and oppression, not to mention the infamous Warsaw Ghetto Wall during World War II. In today's Hungary, which is rapidly lurching toward dictatorship according to all reports, a Wall has gone up against African and Middle Eastern refugees and other non-European immigrants.

But Trump's Wall is not only directed against the rights, values and freedoms of human beings. It is also destroying humanity's essential connection with nature, which we are all part of and out of which the human race originated.

The Guardian describes this shameful destruction of one of America's most precious wildlife preserves in its September 12 report:

'National Tragedy' Trump begins border wall construction in Unesco preserve

The report describes the permanent damage that Wall do to the rare and treasured Organ Pipe Cactus national monument and other irreplaceable natural conservation areas along the Arizona and New Mexico border with Mexico as follows:

"The new construction will replace pedestrian fences, and vehicle barriers, which can be easily traversed by animals, with a 30ft tall bollard wall and accompanying infrastructure. There are fears that it will impede migration, cut animals off from water supplies and increase flooding...

'Pumping water out of the desert at Organ Pipe Cactus national monument, on federally protected land, to support this project is a crime against the American spirit and will do lasting damage to a national treasure; the Arizona congressman Raul Grijalva said in an email to the Guardian. 'Congress has to step in and stop this'"

Trump's totalitarian Wall of hatred and humiliation against brown immigrants is not only a crime against the American spirit. It is also a crime against America's values of racial equality, and against our democracy.

It also deserves investigation as a Crime Against Humanity itself.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law