Donald Trump's uncontrollable desire to build a Wall of hatred and humiliation against Latino and other nonwhite immigrants is so overweening that the Pentagon is now taking money from military children's education and day care, as well as projects designed to protect troops from safety hazards, to pay for a totalitarian barrier that Trump originally threatened to force Mexico to bear the cost of. See: Washington Post:

Trump has a wall to build, so military kids will wait for better day care and schools

See also, Washington Post:

Projects defunded for Trump's border wall include military buildings with 'life safety violations' and hazmat concerns

At Base Andrews in Maryland, which Trump often uses to fly to one of the 229 golf games that Trump has played so far during his presidency (according to the above WP story), the problems at the base's children's school have includes an inaccessible playground, huge holes in the bathroom tiles, power outages,air conditioning troubles, dead phones and computes and damage done by a car that hit the building.

The WP also reports that problems with the base's primary child day care center included multiple rooms that couldn't be used because of mold, old heating and air conditioning and not enough room to accommodate all the children who needed it.

The WP article describes taking funds away fro m these urgently needed school and day care center repairs as a "betrayal of military families".

What is the purpose of selling out the children and families of the soldiers who are serving in order to protect America? Only to show how much our president hates and despises children and families from Central America.and other parts of the world that do not resembles his preferred "Countries like Norway."

And who are the people who are so anxious to see Trump's Wall go up?

They are people like writers Peter Brimelow and Ann Coulter, TV hosts such as Laura Ingram and Tucker Carlson, and sites such as VDARE which spread hatred by claiming that immigration from nonwhite countries is "Destroying America."

See, Media Matters, June 25:

Tucker Carlson: Immigration is 'absolutely destroying America'

American military children who are denied proper school and day care facilities, and American soldiers whose lives and safety are put at risk from hazardous materials are paying a high price for Donald Trump's monument to hatred and white supremacy, as well as to his own ego, which is even higher than his totalitarian Wall is intended to be.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law