Update, September 8, 8:07 am:

While ICE should certainly be commended for taking action to rid America of a small handful of persecutors, torturers and other human rights violators form various parts of the world (see below) what about that agency's own human rights violations in conducting Mississippi deportation terror raids against hundreds almost 700 non-criminal immigrants which initially left hundreds of children, many of them no doubt Americans, crying in the streets and screaming for their suddenly disappeared parents?

y earlier comment appears below.

After more than 100 Congressmen, all Democrats, had protested against its sudden decision, to reverse a DHS policy of allowing otherwise deportable immigrants to stay in the US to receive life-saving medical treatment, see CBS News August 30:

More than 100 lawmakers denounce denounce decision to end program for sick immigrants


USCIS has now reversed its decision to end this program just as suddenly as the program was initially ended. See: NY Times, September 2:

Faced With Criticism, Trump Administration Reverses Abrupt End to Humanitarian Relief


See also: CNN, September 2:

Immigration agency to re-open some requests to defer deportation


The above reports raise an obvious question as to why USCIS terminated this life-saving program in the first place. As has been pointed out elsewhere, this termination could have in effected been a death sentence for affected immigrants who would have been unable to receive life-saving treatment in their own countries if sent back.

Terminating the program, as originally announced, would have gone beyond "ordinary" inhumanity and constituted an appalling violation of the human right to life itself - worthy of being investigated as a Crime Against Humanity.

When USCIS acting director Ken Cuccinelli, one of the loudest cheerleaders for the Trump-Miller white supremacist immigration agenda, recently told a talk host that the Statue of Liberty's world-famous poem was meant for European immigrants only, no one paid too much attention, because it was "only words".

But now we are seeing that Cuccinelli's bigoted words are also Trump-Miller administration policy - with life or death consequences.

It is also an appalling disgrace to America and the American people, not one single , that, according to the above NY Times report, not a single one of the Congressional representatives who spoke out against the Trump-Miller administration's barbaric act of sadism (since it is high;y unlikely that Cuccinelli acted in his own) was a member of the Republican party.

Evidently no Republican politician or member of Congress is willing to oppose the Trump-Miller regime's goal of making America "free" of nonwhite immigrants by any means possible, no matter who extraordinarily cruel that might be.

In a separate, but not entirely unrelated development,, ICE has announced that it has arrested 39 human rights violators from around the world for deportation:


One can applaud the fact that people who never had any business being in the US in the first place are now on their way back out. But what about ICE's own human rights violations against detained immigrants, which have drawn national and international condemnation, including from the United Nations itself? See:


In its zeal to carry out the Trump-Miller agenda of locking up and expelling as many non-European immigrants as possible, what action is ICE taking to rein in its own human rights abuses?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law