Update, September 5, 10:54 am:

Who is the real American? the young Palestinian who was brought up in a refugee camp and came to America to pursue his education as a full scholarship student at Harvard, or the CBP officer to cancelled his visa and sent him back to Lebanon allegedly because of his social media friends' posts after also allegedly interrogating him about his (Muslim) religion?

The question answers itself. This incident should not just be dismissed as just another new item, now that Ismail Ajjawi has finally been admitted to the US and begun his classes at Harvard. It needs a full -blown Congressional investigation, with appropriate misconduct discipline for the CBP officer or officer responsible for turning him back initially, if his allegations are substantiated.

This is if America still cares anything at all about free speech and freedom of religion rights in the Donald Trump-Stephen Miller era.

My earlier comment follows

A17-year old Palestinian student who was initially refused admission to the US and sent back to Lebanon by a CBP officer who allegedly conducted a brutal and hostile interrogation about the student's religion and friends' social media posts (which he denied having anything to do with) has now been admitted to the US and is beginning his first week of classes at Harvard.

Evidently, justice for immigrants and respect for the rule of law are still possible in the Trump-Miller era - if targeted immigrants and their supporters fight back. This is exactly what Harvard University and 8,000 supporters who signed a petition to admit Ismail Ajjawi to the US did successfully.

It is what the rest of us who oppose the Trump-Miller agenda of cutting off nonwhite immigration as the gateway to bringing fascism to America also need to do - more than ever before, and before it is too late.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law

Harvard College A.B
Harvard Law School LL.B