Update, September 3, 5:42 am:

Andrew O'Hehir, senior editor of Salon, describes the threat to democracy arising, in large part, from Trump's white supremacist immigration agenda, in a September 2 article with the title:

America's Slow Motion Coup Keeps Grinding Forward

O'Hehir attibutes this in large part to immigration-related Trump administration policies, including:

a) The assault on birthright citizenship,

b) The imprisonment an abuse of immigrants

c) The constant rhetorical warfare
(against immigrants),

d) The incremental exclusion and deportation (of immigrants),

e) The equation of outsiders and opponents with vermin and animals

My earlier comments follow:

Joshua M. Shanes, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Charleston, writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, warns that Trump's "rhetoric of dehumanization" and "policies that block brown immigration and deliberately inflict suffering to deter asylum seekers" must be looked at through the lens of 20th century European fascist history. See, June 28:


Shanes also cites other historians of fascism who make similar points. He writes:

"Richard Frankel, an expert on 20th-century German history, published 'States of Exclusion: A New Wave of Fascism' last month. The book uses the lessons of German history to warn us of the dangers of Trump's America and the need to act before it's too late."

Shanes concludes. with regard to Trump's mistreatment of and inhumanity towards nonwhite immigrants, that opposition to these forms of persecution:

"...is a moral call to act swiftly at the moment we see the process [of 20th century European fascism] begin again, targeting any vulnerable group. The call to prevent the next atrocity cannot wait until we reach the final abyss."

As if to bear out Shane's warning in Israel's best known and highly respected newspaper,and a
mid growing signs that the Trump-Miller administration's violations of immigrants' human rights are leading to dictatorship, CBP and ICE are reportedly denying Congressional investigators access to immigrant detention centers where allegations of abuse are rampant.

Common Dreams reports on August 30 that Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has condemned DHS for denying his committee staffers access to centers where there have been horrifying reports of abuse against immigrants. See:

House Democrats Denounce DHS for Blocking Lawmakers' Access to Detention Centers Amid Reports of Rampant Abuse


The above article reports as follows:

"Cummings condemned acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan for blocking lawmakers' access shortly after committee staffers returned from a preliminary visit to the facilities - where they reportedly witnessed serious abuse and neglect of immigrants."

This included the following reported incidents:

"A man who shouted through a glass partition at a detention center in Mississippi that he was being abused and humiliated by ICE agents and asking to speak with staffers- only to have an ICE official threaten to end the tour and cancel the visits if future committee staff spoke to him.

Immigrants who reported that young children were being detained in cold rooms without appropriate clothing.

The accounts were not unlike numerous reports ob abuse in ICE's hundreds of detention facilities where thousands of immigrants are being held for crossing the U.S. border without going through a designated point of entry."

The report continues:

"In June, a team of legal experts spoke to children and parents at facilities near El Paso, Texas. The children told them they had no access to soap and toothbrushes, while parents reported they were being given dirty bottles to feed their babies. The team of advocates called the centers 'torture facilities'.

Cumming summed up the situation in a letter to ,McAleenen:as follows:

"It appears that the administration expects Congress to be satisfied with receiving agency tours of facilities - in some cases without the ability to photograph conditions or interview detainees - and not to question the policies or decisions that agency officials make..."

What are these "policies or decisions" that Cummings is referring to? Base on these an many other reports, they are to carry out systematic brutality and sadism against the detainees in order to discourage other nonwhite immigrants from entering the United States.

They are "policies or decisions" that deny the humanity itself of immigrants and violate their most essential human rights. Representative Cumming, whom Trump has singled out for especially vicious racial attacks, and his House Democratic colleagues need to step up their investigations - not only of alleged brutality amounting to torture in Trump and Miller's concentration - sorry, I meant "detention" - facilities, but of their entire white nationalist agenda of persecution of immigrants who are not from "Counties like Norway" - to quote Donald Trump himself.

This Trump-Miller administration's entire white nationalist anti-immigrant agenda, beginning but certainly not ending with the DHS detention torture centers, needs to be investigated as a Crime against Humanity.

Is the House Democratic leadership up to this task?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law