Update, August 31, 8;13 am:

Most of the media reports about the shocking and chilling CBP decision to bar a 17-year-old Palestinian beginning Harvard student with a valid visa from the US and send him back to Lebanon to without any apparent valid reason are focusing on the student's charge that he was barred because of alleged social media friends' posts.

But, assuming that this was the ostensible reason for sending the student, Ismail Ajjawi, back to Lebanon, there are good grounds for suspecting that the CBP officer who, according to Ajjawi, screamed at him for 5 hours while interrogating him about his religion, was primarily motivated by Trump's Muslim ban and often expressed hatred of Muslim immigrants. See, Daily Sabah, August 27:

US deports incoming Palestinian Harvard Student as part of Trump's Muslim ban


In the 1930's, America turned away Jewish immigrants seeking to escape Nazi persecution. Now, in the current era, Donald Trump doesn't want Muslim or Palestinian immigrants. This is the most likel explanation why beginning Harvard student Ismail Ajjawi was Sent Back by Trump's CBP officials.

By earlier comment appears below

This a continuation of my August 29 comment about a 17-year old Palestinian with an apparently Muslim first name, Ismail Ajjawi, who arrived at Boston's Logan Airport to begin his first year at Harvard as a full scholarship student, but was refused entry and sent back to Lebanon by a CBP officer.

According to numerous press reports (see New York Times article below) the CBP inspector (according to Ajjawi) held him for five hours, yelled and screamed at him, interrogated him about his religion. She then canceled his visa and sent him back to Lebanon because,,again according to Ajjawi, of supposedly "anti-US" posts by his social media friends. Ajjawi states that he strongly insisted that he had nothing to do with.these posts.

The CBP is, quite typically, reportedly hiding behind the screen of governmental secrecy in refusing to discuss details why the Harvard student was found inadmissible during his airport inspection. But given Trump's constant attacks on Muslim immigrants,and his call for conducting "extreme vetting" of immigrants and his statements that immigrants seeking entry to the US should go through "extreme vetting" to make sure that they "love America" (i.e. do not criticize or oppose Donald Trump, which would mean that they "hate America") Ajjawi's allegations have the ring of truth and certainly deserve further investigation.

This investigation should be conducted, either by the House Democratic leadership, which has so far been too timid to take any real action against Trump's and Miller's white nationalist anti-immigrant agenda, and/ or by an independent watchdog agency or special counsel charged with looking into official misconduct and abuse of power by the CBP.

This young student's allegation are true, and foreign citizens seeking entry in the US can be barred because of comments that either they or other people may have made against Donald Trump or his policies, or because our nation's president doesn't like their religion, than we no longer have freedom in America for anyone. We will have government by fascism instead.

Who was acting according to America's real principles and values at Boston's Logan airport - the young Palestinian with a valid US visa who defended his right to enter the US to study at one of the world's top universities according to this nation's immigration laws, or the airport inspected who allegedly screamed at him and interrogated him about his religion and his alleged social media friends' posts for five hours before sending him back?

Isn't this exactly what Trump wanted to do to four American Congresswomen who criticized his brutal mistreatment of innocent immigrant children?

THe CBP's action in cancelling Ajjawi's visa and sending him back to Lebanon, allegedly because of social media posts of unknown content which Ajjawi insists he had nothing to do with has drawn wide criticism from civil rights and free-speech advocates, as the New York Times reports. See, August 27:

Harvard Student Says He Was Barred From U.S. Over His Friends Social Media Posts


The Times reports as follows:

"The action that Mr. Ajjawi said was taken against him was widely criticized by free-speech advocates, who argued that denying a student the chance to begin classes at one of the world's foremost universities over social media posts written by other people, as Mr. Ajjawi contended had occurred, was unfair and alarming.

They said Mr. Ajjawi's case highlighted the potential dangers of a policy announced by the Trump administration last year that nearly all applicants for a visa to enter the US would be asked to submit their social media names for the past five years."

The Times' report continues:

"Sarah McLaughlin, the director of targeted advocacy for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, said that there had been 'numerous recent accusations that U.S. immigration officials are denying visas on the basis of political viewpoints.'

'Ajjawi's allegations, if accurate, represent a threat to academic freedom, one that should be taken seriously by those who care about protecting expressive freedoms in the United States,' she said."

The action allegedly taken against Ismail Ajjawi by the CBP affects not only the rights of Palestinian immigrants, Muslim immigrants, or immigrants in general. Immigrants may not be the only people who might, in the very near future, be required to raise their right hands in a fascist salute and swear an oath of loyalty to Donald J. Trump in order to be admitted to or allowed to remain in the United States.

If the alleged abuse committed by a CBP officer against the basic legal and human rights of this one 17-year old Harvard student, who we can be quite sure, must have already gone though intensive screening by the US embassy to receive his visa, is allowed to pass without further investigation or scrutiny, the time may be fast approaching when similar action could be taken against American citizens too by the Trump-Miller regime. Then no one in America will any longer have the rights and freedoms which this country was founded in order to protect.

.Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B
Harvard Law School LL.B