Update, August 28 at 9:22 pm:

For more on the shocking report that Trump may have offered to pardon subordinates if they break the law to build his border wall, see, Washington Post, August 28:

Democrats alarmed by Trump's promise of pardons to build wall

Is this Trump's way of "enforcing" the immigration laws of the United States? Or is it obstruction of justice instead?

It looks much more like the latter, and the Democrats will be seriously derelict in their duty to the American people if they don't investigate and follow though with impeachment hearings without further delay.

My earlier comment follows:

One of the favorite myths being spread by Donald Trump's and Stephen Miller's supporters is that they are only enforcing the immigration laws, and if immigration advocates don't like the current regime of mass deportation, internment of children in concentration camp conditions and imposing white supremacy on our legal immigration system, they should try to get the laws changed.

The reality is that no one has shown less respect for the immigration laws than Donald Trump. No one has tried harder to subvert and overturn them in order to set up a white supremacist dictatorship in America.

As just one, very reports example, the Washington Post reports on August 27 that Trump wants his border wall so badly that he has ordered his aides to break the law if necessary to build it, and promised to pardon them if the have any legal problems as a result. See:

'Take the land': President Trump wants a border wall. He wants it black. And he wants it by Election Day

This is not "law enforcement". This is the direct road to a fascist America.

Another late news story reports that Trump has unilaterally raised visa fees for Nigerian applicants in an obvious attempt to implement his policy of banning legal immigration from "shithole", i.e. nonwhite countries - in violation of both the letter and the purpose of America's entire post 1965 immigration system - and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which forbid racial discrimination. See:Quartz Africa

Trump White House: US increases visa fees for Nigerians


Trump is instead trying to overturn the ostensibly race neutral 1965 law and bring back the openly bigoted 1924 immigration act which did in fact - to anticipate Trump's own words by nearly a century - limit immigration to people from "countries like Norway".

To carry out this racist agenda, here are only arc only a few of the ways that Trump has tried to subvert or break the immigration laws:

1) He has openly lied to the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, about the real reason for his Muslim Ban, attempt to include a citizenship question in the census, ending TPS,and other actions against brown immigrants.

2) He has trashed the basic legal and human rights of asylum-seekers with his patently illegal "Remain in Mexico" policy and requirement of applying for asylum in dangerous pass-through countries before seeking asylum in the US.

3) He has shredded the legal and human rights of both children and adult immigrants by detaining them in human conditions which are increasingly coming to resemble concentration camps and drawing wide national and international condemnation.

4) He has long attacked our legal immigration system and called for abolishing family and diversity visas which enable more nonwhite immigrants to come to the US than he can tolerate.. Most recently, he has revived one of America's oldest forms of anti-immigrant bigotry - the Public Charge rule- in a wildly inflated version expanded beyond all recognition in an effort to drastically reduce nonwhite immigration.

5) Trump has moved to destroy the last vestiges of immigration court independence and due process, and is trying to do the same thing with the legal immigration system by appointing an anti-immigrant zealot, Ken Cuccinelli as the head of USCIS/

6) Trump has constantly attacked and sought to overturn the 14th Amendment's protection of birthright citizenship, which could lead to the mass expulsion of tens of millions of American-born children and adults, or creation of a huge, nonwhite underclass of people with no rights whatsoever, as in apartheid South Africa or 1930's Germany,

Trump's chief henchman, guru and anti-immigrant Torquemada, Stephen Miller, as reportedly called this new measure "socially transformative" - i.e. no more brown immigrants.

But those who blame the Democrats for Trump's failure to abide by or carry out the intent and objectives of the immigration laws have a point. But it is not the point they are arguing in favor of.

The real point is that the Democrats have been complicit in Trump's immigration agenda and march toward dictatorship by sitting on their hands, wearing blinders, and making no move to begin impeachment or any other investigations into Trump's immigration lawlessness lawlessness

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law