On June 20, 2018, 99-year-old Benjamin Ferencz, the only surviving Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor tweeted the following statement about Trump's immigrant child separation policy which was in effect at that time:

"Forcing desperate young parents to surrender custody of their weeping children because they were unable o comply with restrictive immigration rules is a disgrace to our great country. Such cruelty should be condemned as a crime against humanity."


Clara Long, a Human Rights Watch official, says the following about Trump's indefinite detention of immigrant children:

"The detention of children can lead to traum, suicidal feelings and exposure to dangerously inadequate medical care...No amount of time in detention is safe for children and prolonged detention is particularly harmful."


This is even more true when children are detained in concentration camp conditions. See, Adam Serwer, The Atlantic, July 3:.

A Crime By Any Name:


The following word of fascism expert Henry A. Giroux of McMaster University in Ontario were also written in response to Trump's 2018 child separation policy, but they apply just as much to indefinite detention:

"Underlying this assault on children is the crucial recognition that in any democratic society the primary index through which a society registers its own meaning, vision and politics is hoe it treats its children..By this measure, the Trump administration has done more that fail."

See, Giroux:

Neoliberal Fascism's War on Immigrants Echoes a Dark and Haunting Past

Beijing International Review of Education 1 (2019) 39-53

One year ago, Trump's brutal and inhuman child separation was greeted with nationwide outrage and protests, including one by Trump's own wife Melania. This year, his and Miller's fascist indefinite detention of brown-skinned immigrant children is being treated as just another immigration news item.

That is not a good sign for for human rights in America. See: Human Rights Watch:

Can Human Rights Law Help Children on the Border?


And it is not a good sign fro the survival of America's democracy.. See: Al Jazeera:

American fascism is attacking migrant children


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law