Fascist dictators not only torture and abuse their victims; they also mock and make fun of them. On August 21, Donald Trump introduced this not very proud tradition to America when he claimed that the desperate Central American parents and children whom Trump plans to detain indefinitely by overturning the long-standing Flores court settlement agreement protecting the safety and welfare of detained immigrant children should be grateful to him for "keeping families together" - in cages. See::

ThinkProgress, August 21


Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports on August 21 that a South African judge has called that country's former apartheid system of racial segregation, oppression and dehumanization of black people a "crime against humanity". See:

South Africa bans displays of the apartheid flag. a symbol of 'a crime against humanity'

The same could just as well b said about the Trump administration's horrific mistreatment of detained immigrants, as alleged in a class action lawsuit filed against ICE on August 19 by the Southern Policy Law Center and two other civil rights and immigrant advocacy groups in a Los Angeles federal district court. See my August 21 Immigration Daily comment.about this lawsuit.

Make no mistake about it, the horrific abuses alleged in that lawsuit, as described in The Guardian's report cited in my comment, are torture according to any reasonable definition, and as embodied in domestic and international human rights law.

The Guardian, in its August 19 article:

Caged alone 24 hours a day, denied medicine: lawsuit claims 'torture' in US migrant jails

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/19/us-immigration-detainee-class -action-lawsuit

describes some of the horrendous instances of ICE torture and abuse alleged in the lawsuit, which the complaint also alleges are systematic, not isolated:

1) A mentally ill refugee from Susan who has lived most of her life in the US was isolated in a dorm alone for almost nine months, leading to "episodes of extreme psychological distress".

2) Another detainee with suicidal tendencies was unable to see a mental health professional for almost a month.

3) A detained US Marine Corp veteran with depression and other mental health issues was subjected to solitary confinement.

4) Another detainee with diabetes, who has been in the US for more than four decades, was given a serious overdose of insulin on on occasion and denied insulinfor ten days on another. The list of alleged abuses goes on and on.

Trump's obvious purpose, as he himself stated on August 21 according to the above ThinkProgress story, is to use cruelty as a means of deterring unwanted brown immigrants from coming to the United States. All signs point to this policy's no being implemented so widely and savagely that it could well come within the parameters of a crime against humanity.

On more item for the House Democratic leaders to investigate - if they ever wake up from their deep sleep to face the clear and present danger of America's becoming a fascist dictatorship that the Trump regime's anti-immigrant persecution and human rights violations are posing.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law