Update, August 21, 11:35 am:

In yet another example of the appalling cruelty and human rights violations against immigrant children and their families which has become the centerpiece of Trump's immigration agenda, the Washington Post reports on August 21 that the Trump-Miller administration is moving to pull out of the Flores court settlement agreement, which protects the rights and safety of detained immigrant children and limits the length of time they can be detained, entirely.

See, Washington Post;

Trump administration moves to terminate court agreement, hold migrant children and parents longer

Since war on the rights, safety and welfare of children is at the center of fascist policies, as leading authority, Henry A. Giroux, explains in his article cited below, America is moving one step closer to full fascism, with real concentration camps that will hold ordinary American citizens, not just brown immigrant children and their parents.

My earlier comment follows below:

According to McMaster University (Ontario) professor Henry A, Giroux, a leading expert on the subject, one of the surest signs of fascism is violence on the part of the government against targeted minorities, See his article

Neoliberal Fascism's War on immigrants Echoes a Dark and Haunting Past

(Beijing International Review of Education I (2019) 39-53)

If horrific abuse of immigrants, amounting to torture, is a sign of impending fascism, as Giroux shows beyond question that it is (see below), then America is moving closer to a genuine fascist regime under Donald Trump, with real concentration camps, not just rhetorical ones. This is an entirely reasonable conclusion, based on the allegations of appalling ICE mistreatment of detained immigrants in a class action lawsuit filed against ICE on August 19 by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and two other Immigrants advocacy groups in a federal district court in Los Angeles,.See: The Guardian, August 19:

Caged alone 24 hours a day, denied medicine: lawsuit claims 'torture' in US migrant jails


I will discuss both Giroux's important article, and he above lawsuit in more detail in my next comment on this topic. While inexcusable violence and human right violations against detained immigrants certainly did no begin with the Trump administration, it is no increasing at an alarming rate to the point of becoming official administration policy.

This is shown by the government's appalling attempt to defend immigrant child abuse before the 9th Circuit, as discussed in one of my recent comments.

If this type of abuse against detained immigrants continues - and the House Democrats in charge o impeachment keep looking the other way or wearing blinders instead of investigating these abuses - it may not be long before American citizens will become the detainees too - in real concentration camps.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law