Update, August 14, 2:20 pm:

USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli has once again caused outrage among immigrants and their supporters by claiming that the welcoming message on the Statue of Liberty applies only to immigrants from Europe.

At least he is honest about the objectives of the Trump administration's immigration agenda. But does this mean that only European immigrants will receive petition or application approvals seeking legal immigration benefits from USCIS?

The House Democrats should start an immediate investigation to make sure that Cuccinelli leaves that agency by Labor Day. He is totally unfit to head an agency that is responsible for making fair and objective immigration status decisions - without regard to skin color or national origin.

See, The Guardian, August 14:


My earlier comment follows below:

An August 12 article on rantt.com by Ahmed Baba illustrates the extremes of cruelty and inhumanity which Donald Trump and his immigration Svengali or Torquemada, Stephen Miller, are inflicting on potentially millions of hard-working, self-supporting, immigrmants in order to serve Trump's goal of maintaining America'a white majority for as long as possible. See:

Trump's Immigration Policies Aim To Preserve The White Majority


Baba writes, regarding the DHS's new, draconian, Public Charge rule which was published on August 12:

"The 837 page rule applies to those seeking to come to or remain in the United States and id expected to impact roughly 382,000 people seeking to adjust their immigration [status], according to the Department of Homeland Security. However, immigration advocates say millions of people could be affected by the regulation."

The article then quotes Andy Stavitt, former head of Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act as follows:

"...per new Trump regulation, immigrants must now choose between benefits they're entitled to an a chance for a green card.

Behind Trump, the people who hate the poor, and will make them choose between food and medicine today or their kids future, are in charge."

But it is not only "poor" immigrants whom Trump and Miller hate - both Trump's Scottish immigrant mother and Miller's Jewish immigrant great grandfather arrived in America with little or no money at all. Trump and Miller's real target is brown immigrants, whom they want to keep out of or kick out from the United States by any means possible,no matter what degree of cruelty or violation of the essential principles of humanity is involved.

Baba writes:

"Make no mistake, this has never been about curbing illegal immigration or creating a 'merit-based' system. This is about preserving the white majority that Trump's base fears losing. The United States Census projects that America will become 'minority white' by 2024."

In Donald Trump's and Stephen Miller's America, it seems. there is no level of cruelty and appalling inhumanity which this administration is unwilling to sink to in order to preserve an essentially fascist idea of racial purity.

And, once again, this raises the question - Where Are The House Democrats? How much longer are they willing to sit on their hands. keep their mouths closed, and look the other way. as every principle of democracy, equality and humanity that this country stands for crumbles away before their very eyes?

Where are the investigations into Trump and Miller's authoritarian, white supremacist immigration agenda and violations of basic immigrants' human rights? Why are they not being called to account before the House Committees in charge of protecting these rights?

Why is the House not taking up Articles of Impeachment against Trump for his inhuman, white supremacist, persecution of brown immigrants?

Are the Democrats afraid that Trump will "Send Them All Back"?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law