For more about this latest radical new extension of Trump's white supremacist immigration agenda, see also: Washington Post: (August 12)

Trump administration tightens rule that could deny green cards, citizenship to immigrants who need public assistance

On August 12, the Trump-Miller administration extended its record of bigotry against nonwhite immigrants even further by publishing new "Public Charge" rules in the Federal Register which will effectively bar immigrants from receiving green cards or becoming US citizens if they have used public benefits, including Medicaid, food stamps or housing assistance.. For a full report and link to the new rules, which will take effect in two months, see POLITICO:

Trump to deny green cards to immigrants receiving public benefits

This latest move is an obvious attempt to cut sown on family and other legal immigration from Asia, Africa and Latin America and to make America whiter.

According to the above report, the Migration Policy Institute estimates that almost 600,000 immigrants could be affected by the new rules, which would also deny visas to visitors seeking to come to or stay in the US on the new expanded grounds.

Ironically, the new USCIS director, Ken Cuccinelli, in effect gave away the entire bigoted motive for the new rules when he told a reporter that, if they had been in effect 100 years ago, Italian immigrants would have been the ones most affected.

Of course, he was right - There was as much bigotry against Italians then as there is against. Latino and other nonwhite immigrants now.

This latest exercise in Trump-Miller-Cuccinelli bigotry against non white immigrants is virtually certain to be challenged in court.

Roger Algase
Attornsy at Law