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Huffington Post reports, on August 10, that in the massive ICE terror immigration raid in Mississippi last week which rounded up almost 700 mainly Latino immigrant workers (but has not resulted so far in any action against the Koch Brothers owned corporation which illegally employed them) no planning or care was given to the children (mainly US citizens, one can presume) of the arrested workers.

The appalling story of total failure to contact state or local agencies prior to the raids to make arrangements for these children, very likely numbering in the hundreds, appears in the following story:

House Homeland Security Chair Lashes ICE Boss For Children Left Abandoned By Raids

To be sure, 300 of the arrested parents were subsequently released so they could take care of their children. But, according to the Huffpost story, many other parents with children to take care of have not been released, and ICE does not seem to care about what happens to these abandoned children.

Targeting children, the most vulnerable people of all, is a classic example of fascism, as a look at European history during the 1930's and early 1940's will show. This is one more sign that the Trump administration's immigration agenda has nothing to do with preserving democracy, but is laying the grounds for dictatorship in America.

And it is not only innocent, undoubtedly in many cases American, children who were forced to endure the terror and trauma of being left alone without knowing where their parents were.

The Guardian reports on August 11 that entire immigrant communities have been thrown into a state of fear and terror by the massive raid, which Trump and his allies have promised is only the first of many more yet to come. One does not have to be an expert authority on the subject (such as Professor Henry A. Giroux, see below) to recognize the obvious signs of looming fascism in these raids with the goal of purging Trump's America of nonwhite immigrants. See:

'No one is coming out:' Ice raids leave Latino community paralyzed with fear


My earlier comment follows:

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Former Washington Post Book World Editor Marie Arana graphically describes how Donald Trump is building on and reviving a long history of US bigotry against Latino [and other brown] immigrants in pursuit of what noted scholar and authority on totalitarianism Henry Giroux warns is an impeding fascist takeover in America (see below):

Arana begins her article in the August 10 Washington Post as follows: See,

A history of anti-Hispanic bigotry in the United States

"Never before have things seemed so hard for Hispanics. The signals are stark and dire. A drowned father, cradling a dead daughter. A lone mother, defending herself against a Border Patrol agent, with a terrified toddle at her side. A diatribe hectoring whites to purge the country of a rising brown tide. A Walmart in El Paso, strewn with the dead. Caravans of the hopeful willing to suffer indignities splinter their families, cower in cages, risk life itself for a distant dream."

She continues:

"And looming over it all, a president who shrugs when a voice in the crowd says: 'Shoot them!' and who tells Hispanics with roots in this country to go back to the cesspools where they belong. The ground seems to have shifted in this land of the huddled masses.

It has not... bigotry against Hispanics has been and American constant since the founding fathers"


What is different now is that Trump is using his age-old bigotry in support of what is becoming a more and more obviously fascist agenda. First there is his attempt to destroy the independence of the judiciary specifically charged with making decisions involving the immigration laws.

The Washington Post and the Daily Caller website both report on August 9 that Trump's Department of Justice is retaliating against the Immigration Judges' union for speaking out against the administration's attempt to destroy the judges' independence and ability to render fair decisions.

The DOJ is trying to have the union's certification revoked on the Trumped-up grounds that the judges are allegedly managerial employees, and therefore not eligible to join a union.

This transparent attempt to bludgeon immigration judges into line so that they would become mere cogs in Trump's deportation machine without a shred of independence undermines everything that democracy stands for.

It is also typical of fascist regimes, which place a high priority on destroying judicial independence, as history clearly shows. See:

The People's Court 1934-1945


This is one more sign that Trump's persecution of nonwhite immigrants is bringing fascism to America - very possibly faster than anyone expects. See, Washington Post

Justice Department moves to potentially decertify immigration judges' union

See also, Daily Caller:

The Justice Department Is Gearing Up For A Big Fight With Immigration Judges Union


Meanwhile, Henry A Giroux, Chaired Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest in the Department of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University (Canada) is one of today's leading authorities on fascism, and the author of numerous books and articles on this subject. While the word "fascist" is coming into use more and more with reference to Donald Trump, there is a widespread tendency to dismiss this as just one more pejorative epithet used by the "Never Trumpers" or "Trump-Haters" who disagree with the president's substantive policies of stricter enforcement of the laws against illegal immigration and greater emphasis on "merit-based" legal immigration.

But Giroux's unquestioned expertise in the history and workings of fascism, and his closely reasoned analysis show that the word "fascist" is not just an epithet to be used against Trump by those who disagree with his immigration policies or are trying to make personal (ad hominem) attacks against him Giroux shows that the prospect of fascism is a serious and very real danger to American democracy, and that Trump, and his supporters in the Republican party, have a calculated agenda of using anti-immigrant hatred as a means to overthrow democracy and establish a one-party dictatorship led by Donald Trump as a strongman.

Giroux clearly explains this in a November 25, 2018 article in The Conversation entitled

Trump's fascist efforts to demolish democracy

the conversation.com.trumps-fascist-efforts-to-demolish-democracy-106247

This article, of course, was written before the Trump/Miller administration's latest horrific abuses against brown immigrants - the attempt to overturn the nation's asylum laws with is patently illegal "Remain in Mexico" policy and attempt to force asylum-seekers to apply for asylum in dangerous and unfriendly third countries before applying for asylum in the US - the proposal to return to the dark days of hatred against Jewish refugees from Europe in the 1930's by banning all refugee admissions for 2020 - the increase in appalling detention conditions for young children and their families - and the appointment of an openly anti-immigrant zealot as USCIS director - head of the agency with primary responsibility for administering our legal immigration system - the list goes on and on.

But Giroux's article reads as if it had predicted these and many other of Trump's more recent actions that endanger not only America's immigration system but our democracy itself; such as his savage, openly racial attacks on Congressional Representatives who dared to speak out against is anti-immigrant agenda and closely related attacks on non-white American citizens and communities.

Giroux begins his article as follows:

"Fascist politics is once again on the rise in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

As an echo from the past, its principles and attitudes are re-emerging in a populist rhetoric that embraces extreme forms of nationalism, the cult of the leader, systematic racism, a culture of fear, a hatred of dissent and an utter disdain for the truth.

Driven by a hatred of 'the other' and infused with narratives of decline and victimization, fascist politics trade in an incendiary rhetoric of demonization, fear and violence."

The last sentence reads like a prediction of the El Pao mass shooting, not to mention the administration's own agenda of racial violence against immigrants carried out under the color of law (no pun intended!).

This includes Trump's latest use of state terror through mass deportation raids - and the gleeful sadism of ICE's top official as he accompanies a planeload of shackled deportees on their way back to Guatemala, one of the wold's most dangerous countries, to mention just one example. See, Washington Post, August 10:

ICE Air: Shackled deportees, air freshener and cheers. America's one-way trip out.

Referring specifically to Trump's attacks on Central American immigrants and his call for annulling the US Constitutional protection of birthright US citizenship, Giroux also writes:

"Trump has unleashed what Frankfort School theorist Theodore Adorno once called an 'authoritarian irrationality,' the dark and menacing underside of a racist and totalitarian psychology and politics."


To be sure, Trump is drawing more and more criticism for the open racism which has been the foundation of his anti-immigrant agenda from the beginning of his presidential campaign in 2015. But what is being widely overlooked or ignored by the mainstream media and even by many political figures and pundits who claim to be standing up against Trump's bigoted immigration policies is that Trump's hatred and demonization of brown immigrants are putting America directly on the road to fascism.

This is something that the feckless Democratic Congressional leaders - and presidential candidates - urgently need to talk and take action about more openly - as the House leaders continue to twiddle their thumbs over beginning the impeachment hearings against Trump over his bigoted, authoritarian immigration agenda - not just some alleged business deal or other with Russia - which are needed more desperately than ever before in order to save America's democracy

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law