Update: August 5, 4:40 pm:

Normally Republican-leaning Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin writes about Trump's reaction to the El-Paso shooting (and the one in Dayton, which he referred to as "Toledo") as follows on August 5:

"Trump is not merely a failure as the United States leader, but also a threat to its democracy, its moral fabric and its safety."

Her message should be taken very seriously not only by Trump's Republican enablers, but by the Democratic leaders are putting their own expediency and cowardice ahead of the interests of America by failing to move ahead with impeachment.

Rubin also points out the sickening refusal of at least some Texas Republican leaders to acknowledge that the El Paso shooting had anything to do with race at all. See, Washington Post, August 5:

John Cornyn is choosing Trump over Texas

My earlier comments appear below.

Update, August 5, 11:27 am:

On the morning of August 5, Donald Trump made the following welcome statement, which every American should support, in response to the weekend El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio mass shootings, the former of which overwhelming appears to have been motivated by hatred of Latino and other nonwhite immigrants.

"In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul."

See, Washington Post, August 5:

Trump condemns white supremacy, focuses on combating mental illness over new gun control measures

Now all that is needed is for Trump and Stephen Miller (one might even wonder if Miller might have written the above eloquent words - that would be quite an irony!) to eliminate racism, bigotry and white supremacy from their immigration agenda.

My earlier comment follows:

As I write this on the afternoon of Sunday, August 4, and the morning of August 5, the police have still not definitely established that Patrick Crusius, the 21-year old shooing suspect in the mass killing at an El Paso Walmart, was the author of a violently racist anti-immigrant manifesto that appeared on an online site that was notorious for posting hate messages just a few minutes before the mass shooting took place. But according to all news reports, the shooter, who is now in custody, is strongly suspected to have been the same person who posted the manifesto.

The manifesto that was posted online shows the irrefutable influence of Donald Trump, who condemned the killing in one of his tweets, but made no mention of the fact the obvious signs that white supremacist terrorism or a hate crime was very likely involved.

One can only imagine what Trump's reaction would have been if the alleged mass killer had been Muslim or Hispanic. Trump would almost inevitably have called for sealing America's borders against all immigrants and for prosecuting his Democratic opponents for "treason".

There would have also very likely also been talk by some of Trump's white nationalist supporters of preventive incarceration of American Muslims or Hispanics, as was disgracefully done to Japanese Americans some 75 years ago,

According to news reports, the manifesto which Crusius is suspected of having posted refers to the attack as "a response to the Hispanic Invasion" and praises the shooter who carried out a miss killing in a New Zealand mosque (and who claimed to be inspired by Trump).

See, slate.com (August 4)

El Paso suspect reportedly a Trump supporter who wrote anti-immigrant manifesto


theintercept.com columnist Mehdi Hasan points out the obvious connection between the manifesto that the suspected El Paso killer is believed to have written and Trump's own verbal attacks on non-white immigrants:

"Sound familiar? The president of the United States - who condemned the El Paso attack on Twitter - has repeatedly referred to an 'invasion' at the southern border; condemned Mexican immigrants as 'rapists' and Syrian refugees as 'snakes'; accused his critics of treason on at least two dozen occasions; and told four elected women of color to 'go back' to the 'crime-infested places from which they came.'"


We Can No Longer Ignore Trump's Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings


Philip Rucker writes the following in the August 4 Washington Post:

"President Trump has relentlessly used his bully pulpit to decry Latino migration as 'an invasion of our country.' He has demonized undocumented immigrants as 'thugs' and 'animals'. He has defended the detention of migrant children, hundreds of whom have been held in squalor. And he has warned that without a wall to prevent people from crossing the border from Mexico, America would no longer be America."


'How do you stop these people?' Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric looms over El Paso massacre.

Pucker continues by quoting from one of Trump's many racist rants against brown immigrants:

"'How do you stop these people? You can't,' Trump lamented at a May rally in Panama City Beach, Fla. Someone in the crowd yelled back one ides: 'Shoot them.' The audience of thousands cheered and Trump smiled. Shrugging off the suggestion, he quipped: 'Only in the Panhandle can you get away with that statement.'"

In response to this latest horrific mass killing, Trump has, commendably, spoken out against "hate" in general, but has refused to condemn the anti-immigrant racism and white supremacist ideology which all signs point to as being the so;e motivation for this massacre. Instead, Trump has tried to dismiss the El Paso shooting as just another incidence of "mental disturbance" on the part of the suspect.

This is the classic excuse whenever a suspected mass killer in America is white. It is only if a Muslim, Hispanic or black person commits a violent crime that it becomes an act of "terrorism" or "MS-13 in the view of Trump and his supporters.

But it is not just Trump's rhetoric that adds to the danger of mass murder and other violent hate crimes against minority immigrants - it is his entire agenda of doing everything possible to deprive both legal and unauthorized immigrants of legal and human rights to pursue whatever opportunities current law provides to come to or remain in the US.

In almost every policy action imaginable Trump ans his chief henchman Stephen Miller are showing that immigrants who are not from "Countries like Norway" are no longer welcome in America.

This also raises the question: How much longer can the Democratic leaders continue to close their eyes and bury their heads in the sand to the danger that Trump's agenda of hatred and incitement to (or at least toleration of) violence against nonwhite immigrants poses to America's democracy itself.

History shows that in many different countries and parts of the world, governmental encouragement or acquiescence in violence against targeted minorities has lead to dictatorship. Do the Democrats seriously believe that it can't happen in America.

But the seeds of dictatorship are already being planted in America, and dictatorship will happen here - unless the Democrats finally find the courage to open impeachment hearings based on Trump's immigration agenda of white supremacy - and of provoking, or at least tolerating, violence against nonwhite immigrants - as well as engaging in governmental violence against them at the Mexican border and at detention centers elsewhere in the nation.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law