Update, August 1, 11:34 am:

The fact that immigrant children are among the chief victims of the Trump-Miller administration's brutality and lack of respect for basic human rights in detention centers which may not fully qualify as "concentration camps", but are certainly not fit for human beings, is another dangerous warning sign of impending fascism in America. See, Washington Post, August 1:

Doctors urge probe of child migrant deaths: 'Poor conditions' at border increase risk of spreading flu

My earlier comment follows below:

At their latest presidential debate, the Democratic candidates showed a great deal of interest in attacking each other, but little or none in standing up against the ongoing human rights violations against immigrant families that the Trump administration is engaging in at the Mexican border by separating children from their parents in violation of last year's court order.

ThinkProgress reports that on July 30, the ACLU told a federal judge that the Trump administration had separated over 911 immigrant families at the border since the court order against separating families was issued. The ACLU also stated that 20% of the new separations affected children under the age of 5, as opposed to only 4% of the separations last year. See, July 31:

Immigrant families have been separated despite a court injunction. The Democratic debate ignored it.

https://thinkprogress.org/the democratic-debate-failed-to-address-immigration-3723317384e8/

Experts agree that escalating brutality against targeted minority groups is one sure sign of coming fascism. See, Rob Koes: Signs of Fascism Rising (2017):


Another sure sign of future fascism this an ultra-nationalist base uniting behind a strongman who promises to preserve that group's dominance against a perceived threat from immigrants or other "outsiders".

Andrew Gawthorpe, a lecturer in history and international studies at the University of Leiden (Netherlands), describes who this applies in Donald Trump's America in a July 31 article in The Guardian. See;

Is this fascism? No. Could it become fascism? Yes.


Gawthorpe writes the following, regarding the danger of future fascism in America:

"Yet, Trump's persistent hold on his [anti-immigrant] base shows how a coalition against characteristically American values may be constructed and used to hold power, even if the coalition only represents a minority of the country. In particular, Trump appeals to two overlapping groups - white evangelicals and white voters motivated primarily by opposition to racial and cultural change..."

He continues:

"This ideology's beating heart will be a white nationalism motivated by a belief that the 'true' (read: white) America is under siege from a combination of racial minorities [including, of course, immigrants] and liberal elites."

The writer concludes:

"But it [American fascism] is no longer unimaginable, and it will become even less so if white, Christian America continued to react to its loss of power in the same way. For this reason, fascist deserves its place in the political vocabulary of our time, not as a description of the present, but as a foreboding of one possible dark future."


The appalling human rights violations which the Trump-Miller administration is now engaging in at the Mexican border, and which the Democratic presidential candidates are evidently too timid even to mention at their debates, are only part of a larger white nationalist anti-immigrant agenda which, almost on a daily basis, seeks to deny the essential humanity and basic rights of nonwhite immigrants.

Just as Trump's appointment of anti-immigrant firebrand Ken Cuccenelli as USCIS director threatens to destroy any vestiges of fair adjudication of petitions and applications for legal immigration benefits, Miller's attempt to remove trained asylum officers from conducting "credible fear" asylum determinations and to turn this crucial function over to inadequately trained Border Patrol officers from an agency which has already built up a reputation for bias and brutality toward brown immigrants [as I have discussed in recent comments], are only two signs of a wider attempt to overturn the rule of law for the purpose of keeping brown immigrants, legal as well as irregular, out of this country or expelling them as quickly as possible.

There can be no question that Trump and Miller are engaged in a much wider agenda of purging nonwhite immigrants in virtually every category from America. As the above column by Andrew Gawthorpe points out, Trump's attempt to keep America white may not mean that we have fascism yet, but it contains the seeds of fascism.

If unchecked, this white nationalist anti-immigrant agenda could well lead to a future fascist America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law