Update, July 20, 8:24 am:

The facts that Trump;s top immigration advise, Grand Inquisitor Stephen Miller, is reportedly pushing for zero refugee admissions in 2020 and that the Trump regime has already issued a made an attempt to ban almost all Central American immigrants from applying for asylum are not exactly reassuring on the question of whether proposed changes in the citizenship test will be intended to make the test so difficult to pass that tens of millions of otherwise qualified applicants, most of them nonwhite, will be denied the privilege of becoming Americans.

Until he was blocked by the Supreme Court, Trump also tried to use the citizenship question to avoid counting millions on nonwhite immigrants who are already in the United States. Making the US citizenship test much harder to pass could very likely be just a variation on this white nationalist strategy.

For details on Miller's push to eliminate refugee admission entirely, see, Politico, July 18:

Trump officials pressing to slash refugee admissions to zero next year


When are the House Democrats finally going to investigate Trump's "Evil Genius" and Grand Inquisitor of hatred and prejudice against brown immigrants, Stephen Miller?

When are they going to open an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump based on his agenda of making white supremacist racism the foundation and objective of America's entire immigration policy, in direct conflict with this country's Constitution and core values as a nation?

Is Nancy Pelosi planning to wait until Trump send her and every other House Democratic Representative "Back Home?

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USCIS suddenly announced on July 19 that it is preparing a new citizenship test .This has raised immediate fears that the test will be use as a means of cutting down on (nonwhite) immigration by making it harder to become a US citizen. Those of us who are familiar with the 1960's Civil Rights era will remember how bigoted "literacy" tests were used for a long time in the Southern states to disenfranchise black voters.

Is this just another neutral update of the test, as Trump cheerleader and USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli claims according to the Washington Post article cited below? Or is there an ulterior, racist motive by a president who is already doing everything in his power to cut down on legal immigration from countries that are "not like Norway"?

Once again, one suspects the dark presence of Trump's anti-immigrant ideologue in chief, Stephen Miller, in this matter; though, as usual it is hard to find direct evidence of this, since Miller normally operates behind the scenes,

House Democrats will be derelict in their duty to immigrant communities and supporter, and to America itself and the values of democracy and equality which the citizenship test is supposed to promote and encourage, if they do not conduct an immediate investigation of the motivation for the change, which could conceivably prevent tens of millions of nonwhite legal immigrants from becoming US citizens and sponsoring their relatives for green cards or legal visas.

Court action to oversee what changes the Trump regime has in mind may also be indicated. For more details, see: Washington Post, July 19)

Trump administration planning changes to U.S. citizenship test

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law