Update, July 14: 7:03 a.m:

This is written, early on Sunday morning as the America prepares for Donald Trump's fascistic nationwide terror raids as part of his agenda to drive home the point that immigrants of color are not welcome in the United States in any category.

Regardless of the exact number of people who will be rounded up today like animals, separated from their families in many cases, and locked up in appalling, inhuman ,"detention centers" which AOC and others have compared to concentration camps with a good deal of justification, the message is out from Donald Trump - if you are an immigrant who is brown or black - not from white "Country like Norway", then there is no room for you in America - Our Country id Full.

For more on the significance of the raids, see Truthout July 6:

It's Not Just About Deportations: Trump Wants to Create a Permanent Underclass


My earlier comment appears below.

America can breath a sigh of relief now that Trump has backed off from his threat to defy the Supreme Court's ruling on the census citizenship question. See, Vanity Fair, July 11:

Trump Gives Up and Caves on the Census Citizenship Question


But while this retreat may have averted the immediate danger of fascism in America through Trump's threat to set himself up as a Supreme Leader who is not bound by the laws of this country as determined by the courts, the danger to our democracy as a result of Trump's attempt to purge nonwhite immigrants, both legal and and unauthorized, from America still remains acute and urgent.

While the danger of a "Unitary Executive" disregard of court decisions is over (for now) two unmistakable warning signs of coming fascism remain. The first is in Trump's planned ICE mass deportation terror raids, which are now scheduled to begin this weekend, according to the latest reports.. See, USA Today (July 11):

Immigration advocates brace for ICE roundups across country: 'The goal is to terrorize'

The sign that is typical of a fascist regime rather than a democracy is the ongoing brutal and inhuman conditions in Trump's CBP detention centers and inhuman, which AOC and other immigration advocates and human rights observers have compared, not entirely without justification, to concentration camps.

Mass deportation terror and concentration camp-like detention conditions: are these consisten with democratic societies? Or are they typical of fascist regimes?

Jason Stanley, a philosophy professor and author of a book on fascism answers that question in his July 4 New York Times article:

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Fascism' Claim Too Extreme?


It might not be a coincidence that this article appeared on America's Independence Day, the same day that Trump's fascist-style tanks rolled down the Washington Mall, while his warplanes roared by overhead in a parade wore typical of Kim Jong Un's North Korea than of a democratic nation.

Stanley's article begins by focusing in on the difference between the basic respect for the humanity of immigrants in liberal democracies, as opposed toward the hatred and demonization of immigrants typical of fascist regimes:

"Liberal democracy organizes society around respect for the dignity, equality and freedom of all human beings. Fascism, by contrast, organizes society around the vilification of outsiders. In this administration's rhetoric toward undocumented immigrants from Central America, we have been subject to classic fascist tropes for some time. The obsessive focus on immigration and representation of immigrants as invaders is particularly indicative of this ideology."

One might add here that Donald Trump's vilification and demonization of nonwhite immigrants does not stop with denying the essential humanity of unauthorized immigrants, whom he has compared with rodents and snakes in some of his speeches.

Trump has also vilified legal family and diversity immigrants as "criminals" and "terrorists" and is actively trying to abolish a major part of family immigration and all diversity immigration because he doesn't like the skin color of most applicants. He has also banned 200 million Muslims from even applying for legal visas because he hates their religion.

Stanley then turns to Trump's agenda for mass deportation:

"The Trump administration is the first in recent memory to target undocumented families for removal in mass deportation raids. Trump's announcement about mass deportations conveyed the kind of cruelty toward outsiders that he often uses to excite his base. It was also a matter of time before such rhetoric would begin to transform our institutions."

Next, Stanley talks about ICE:

"The Trump administration has advanced its more aggressive policies of enforcement by characterizing undocumented immigrants as a group of criminals, rather than individuals. In 2017, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly ordered ICE to portray immigrants in general as intrinsically prone to crime to justify mass arrests...This tactic of identifying whole groups as criminal has a shameful history."

Stanley continues:

"ICE is not the SS or Gestapo. But it has concerning similarities, including its symbiotic relationship with an increasingly authoritarian president. And it is not the only institution with disturbingly fascist elements; evidence of extreme racism and sexism has emerged among members of its sister organization, Customs and Border Protection."

The author then turns to the must shameful and dangerous aspect of all concerning the Trump administration's headlong movement toward a Fascist America - the appalling, inhuman, immigrant "detention centers":

"What about the private detention centers for undocumented immigrants, which Ms. Ocasio-Cortez described last month as concentration camps?...

"As Kita Matos at the Vera Institute of Justice explained to me, journalists are barred from visiting these centers; they are open only to legal representatives and Members of Congress. In early June, the Trump administration cancelled educational, recreational and legal aid for migrant children in detention centers, sealing them off from public view. Reports of the extreme conditions in these centers have flooded the news in recent weeks."

Stanley concludes:

"A refusal to discuss fascism in the current political context in the United States obscures both the nature of fascism, representing it as an all-or nothing matter, as well as our own troubling past...With the development of a police-like force directed specifically to force outsiders into hiding, detention centers sealed off from public view in which to detain them...we move in the wrong direction."


Professor Stanley's above article shows that the word "Fascism" is not just a handy epithet that opponents of his policies can use to defame Trump, but that i belong in any serious discussion or assessment about where his immigration agenda is leading America

It is no longer possible, if it ever was, to ignore the very real danger of America's turning into a fascist dictatorship as a direct result of the immigration policies of America's 45th president - shaped and put into devastating actions to set back and extinguish the human rights of legal as well as unauthorized immigrants by Trump's Grand Inquisitor and Eminence Grise of persecution against brown immigrants, Stephen Miller.

This brings us to the question of the Democratic leadership, which seems more interested in fighting against and suppressing that Party's own progressive wing - including its leading and most courageous voice in standing up for the human rights of minority immigrants, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) better known as AOC - than it is in stopping America's headlong rush toward fascism with Trump;s immigration agenda.

When will the Democratic House leadership finally carry its its responsibility to protect America's democracy from becoming as extinct as thousands of wildlife species are now becoming under Trump's Global Warming denial agenda?

Will the House Democrats investigate Stephen Miller and his devastating, destructive on America entire immigration system, involving both legal and "irregular" immigration, and open impeachment hearings against Donald Trump, before it is too late?

Whether America's democracy survives, or whether this nation falls prey to a Fascist regime could well depend on the answer to this question.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law