Update: July 5, 4:10 pm:

Jonathan Freedland writes eloquently and urgently in The Guardian about the acute danger to America's democracy coming from Trump's autocratic agenda against brown immigrants, among other signs of impending dictatorship. See, July 5:

Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. It's not enough just to laugh at him.


Freedland writes:

"This is what dictators do: demonizing a group - in this case, migrants - as an alien threat, an army of invaders, so intensely and for so long that eventually any fate, no matter how brutal or inhumane, seems deserved, even when it is inflicted on that group's youngest and most vulnerable members. Breaking up families, caging children in hot, fetid, disease-ridden camps - that is what dictators do."

For other examples of ways in which Trump is using hatred, bigotry and cruelty toward brown immigrants in his drive for absolute power, read the full article.

My previous comments appear below.

Update: July 5, 12:13 pm:

The urgent and acute danger to America's democracy posed by Donald Trump's extreme agenda of trying to reduce or cut off immigration by non white people became even more alarming on the morning of July 5th.

On this day, Trump issued a direct threat to hand down an executive order directing the Commerce Department to include the US citizenship question on the 2020 census form - in direct defiance of the Supreme Court's order to eliminate this question unless the administration can find a reasonable explanation for including it - an impossibility based on the obvious racist motive for including the question.

Such an order
would put Trump above the Supreme Court, and could be the end of our democracy.

See, Washington Post, July 5,

Trump says he is "thinking of' executive order to revive census citizenship question

See also, Greg Sargent, also in the July 5 WP:

Trump rages over his latest failure to corrupt our democracy

My previous comment follows:

This week has seen a marked increase in the danger of America's turning into a fascist dictatorship because of two critically important immigration related developments,

One is Trump's unspeakably cruel, if not openly sadistic, response to the horrifying reports of human rights abuses in CBP immigrant detention centers which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and many others have compared to concentration camps.

Here is Trump's tweet in response
e to these reports, as reported by Reuters:

:"Our border control people are not hospital workers, doctors or nurses..."

See Reuters (July 3)::

Trump says immigrants 'unhappy' with detention centers should stay home.

These statements by a US president are not only shocking in their open cruelty and lack of humanity, but they are ominous for the future of our democracy our democracy.

Authoritarian leaders delight in inflicting suffering on innocent, defenseless, people. Democratic leaders do not.

But Trump is right in one respect, His CBP jailers (and according to one pediatrician who visited one of the centers agents of "torture" - see my previous comment on this topic) are certain;y not "hospital workers, doctors or nurses".

At least some of them are haters, as shown by a Facebook group that they organized. See: Washington Post, July 2:

A Facebook group for border agents was rife with racism and sexism. Now DHS is investigating

On another front, Trump has announced that he will defy the Supreme Court of the United States, which has blocked him from adding a US citizenship question to the 2020 census hat almost all expert agree would result in failing to count millions of Hispanic and other minority people living in America, for the purpose of maintaining white control of our political system for a generation or more to come.See: The Atlantic:

Trump's Reversal on the Census Citizenship Question


By openly defying the highest Court of the land, Trump is setting himself up above the courts and the law, as a Supreme Leader governing this nation by nothing but his own will. something which would signal the end of our democracy.

By issuing this defiant announcement, Trump has also undermined the credibility of his own Commerce Department and Justice Department in dealing with this issue in federal court, as the above The Atlantic article also describes in more detail and as will be the subject of a court hearing on July 5 before District Judge George Hazel.

By his deliberate cruelty toward helpless immigrant men, women, children and even infants seeing to escape violence and other intolerable conditions in their home countries, and by his open defiance of the ruling of the highest Court of this nation on the 2020 Census citizenship question, Trump is continuing to show that he intends to become America's dictator.

This is even without the fascist tanks and warplanes that Trump unleashed during his July 4th speech on a day that is supposed to be a celebration of freedom, not authoritarian rule.See: Truthout (July 3)

Trump's July Fourth Tank Display Is a Glaring Sign of Fascism


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law