Update, July 4, 12:21 pm:

The latest news items report that Trump is planning to defy the Supreme Court's decision blocking the citizenship census question and to include this racist question anyway. The means that Trump is setting himself up as America's Supreme Leader, and it could mean the end of our democracy - as he "celebrates" Independence Day with a fascist tank parade.

See, Truthout, July 3:

Trump's July Fourth Tank Display Is a Glaring Sign of Fascism

My earlier comment follows:

On July 2, the Trump administration bowed to the Supreme Court's decision by giving up its racist attempt to exclude millions of Latinx and other brown immigrants from being counted in the 2020 census through a question about US citizenship which had no other purpose can could have skewed America's democracy in favor of white supremacy for a generation or more to come.

Trump's initial reaction to Chief Justice Robert's wise and historic decision against adding this question was straight out of the fascist playbook - a threat to postpone or call off the census in direct violation of the US constitution. Fortunately, that threat appears to be over, with the administration now admitting, in effect, that its original contrived justification for this discriminatory question was nothing more than a fraud upon the court. See, ThinkProgress, July 2:

The Trump administration just caved on the 2020 Census citizenship question


This now puts the ball squarely in the court of the Democratic House leadership: If deliberately lying to the courts about the something as vital to our democracy as the Census is does not constitute a High Crime and Misdemeanor, what else does?

If Donald Trump succeeds in becoming America's first fascist dictator, history may blame the cowardly Democratic leaders, who were too scared to impeach Trump, just as much as his white supremacist anti-immigrant enablers in the opposite Party.

But while Trump may have taken a step back from fascism by accepting defeat and agreeing to obey the Constitution and move ahead with the Census without the citizenship question, he is moving America closer to fascism with his reign of terror against brown-skinned asylum seekers and other immigrants being held in concentration camp-like conditions without adequate food, sanitation medical services or even room to sleep.

The Washington Post reports on July 2 that Trump's Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) has now added a new fascist twist to the inhuman conditions under which immigrant detainees are being held - secrecy.

The report states that Congressional Representatives visiting these holding centers - which have been described as "torture facilities" by both a physician who visited one of the children's centers, see my July 2 Immigration Daily comment - have had their phones confiscated and are not allowed to take photos.See, WP:

Border agents confiscated lawmakers' phones. Joaquin Castro captured photo and video anyway

Trump's apologists can argue day and night about whether these CBP "holding centers" meet the full definition of "concentration camps" or not.. To be sure, these hellholes do not have gas chambers and are not intended to carry genocide or extermination.

But there can be no doubt that the detainees are being held in subhuman conditions which CBP is trying to keep secret as much as possible. This is the very essence of concentration camp regime mentality.

Subjecting human beings to these degrading and dangerous conditions is aa feature of dictatorship - not democracy. It violates not only our domestic laws against torture, but international standards of fundamental human rights.

That running concentration camps - or something approaching them - is a High Crime and Misdemeanor warranting impeachment should be beyond any serious question.

House Democrats need to respond to Trump's anti-immigrant Cruelty with Courage and Compassion, not Cowardice. Get to it, Mr. Nadler.

A Happy 4th of July holiday to all Immigration Daily readers - as Donald Trump's fascist tanks parade down the Washington Mall to celebrate his failed attempt to commit fraud on the Supreme Court of the United States by lying about the motivation for the Census citizenship question - and his ongoing cruel and inhuman tormenting of detained nonwhite immigrant men and women - and, most vulnerable of all - infants and children.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law