By and large, the media, and immigration advocates, have reacted to Trump's appointment of former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli as the new USCIS acting director with little more than a ho, hum, business as usual attitude, as if it were just another news item on the same level with, say, the latest monthly visa bulletin.

This is not to mention the ongoing attempts by immigration opponents to create an atmosphere of hysteria over the fact that, yes, some people are still actually crossing our border without permission, and others who came legally have overstayed or violated the terms of their visas. Yes, this is actually happening! As we speak!

Illegal border crossers and visa violators? Oh no! How awful! Who could have known? How has America survived?

But illegal immigration could now become far, far worse and more pervasive than it has ever been before, if our legal immigration system is destroyed. And that is exactly what could very soon become reality with Cuccinelli's appointment.

Cuccinelli's appointment is not just another news item. Just as Shakespeare's Mark Antony said that he came not to praise Caesar but to bury him, all indications are that Cuccinelli is coming, not to direct and run America's legal immigration system, but to but to destroy it

It is safe to say that no one with an equivalent record of bigoted anti-immigrant statements and proposals has ever been picked to head America's legal immigration system before - at least not in modern times.

Let's take a look at Cuccinelli's record, as described in detail in America's Voice. See, June 7:

Immigration 101: Who is Ken Cuccinelli, Trump's pick to lead USCIS

Here are dome of the highlights from this report:

1. Cuccinelli has compared immigration to pest control.

2. Cuccinelli has a history of anti-Muslim statements.

3. Cuccinelli, as a state senator, supported a bill that would have barred unauthorized immigrants from attending colleges in Virginia entirely and also sponsored a bill that would have required all employees to speak English.

4. As attorney general, Cuccinelli wrote an amicus brief supporting Arizona's infamous, openly bigoted S.B. 1070 law which was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court.

I will continue this discussion of Cuccinelli's appalling anti-immigrant record, including but not limited to his support for abolishing US birthright citizenship, the heart and soul of our legal immigration system and of our democracy itself, in my next, forthcoming comment on this topic.

My next comment will also mention Cuccinelli's praise of Rep. Steve king (R-Iowa) who has not only never tried to hide his white supremacist immigration views but has actually boasted about them, and will also discuss Cuccinelli's alarming history of white nationalist connections.

I will also discuss the acute danger Cuccinelli to America's entire legal immigration system, which has already been seriously compromised by unimaginably long processing delays and a blizzard of hostile and openly biased RFE's and denial decision under the recently ousted USCIS director, L. Francis Cissna, who was kicked out because Trumps thought Cissna was "not tough enough" on (nonwhite) immigrants.

Fortunately, for reasons that are not related to immigration policy, it appears that Cuccinelli wil not be confirmed by the Senate because of opposition by some of his fellow Republicans.

But, as acting USCIS director, Ken Cuccinelli will still have the potential for causing major damage, if not irrevocable harm, to legal immigration in America.

If he stays in this position long enough to sink the ship of legal immigration, is there any type of legal visa, whether family or diversity, H-1B or L-1 employment based; or even Labor Certification and EB-5 investor green cards, that will not go down with that ship?

Immigration advocates and practitioners, instead of staying on the sidelines or hiding in the "safe" cocoons of their own specialized visas, should be coming together and rallying to make sure that Cuccinelli's tenure as USCIS acting director is as short as possible, or that it never gets off the ground in the first place.

By appointing Cuccinelli, Donald Trump has given an unmistakable signal that his real immigration goal is not just "enforcing the laws" against illegal immigration, as his Fox News propagandists would like us to believe, but ending legal immigration as we know it, especially regarding non-white applicants.

Roger Algase

Attorney at Law