Just one year ago after Trump was forced by outraged public protests across the political spectrum to abandon his notorious family separation persecution of central American child immigrants, Trump is back in the business of using particular cruelty against children as a means of "deterring" brown and black people from people to the Unites States, which he claims is now "full", with no more room for non-white immigrants.

The latest press reports reveal that Trump's DHS is cutting off funding for schooling, sports and legal services fro detained unaccompanied minor immigrants, most of whom of whom are fleeing gang violence and other abuses in Central America.The Miami Herald reports the following about Trump's budget cuts fro detsined children which were announced on June 5.:

The budget cut means detainees will no longer get recess time, nor access to any sort of education. Going forward, they will no longer be assisted by attorneys...Officially, children as young as 13 are detained at the center, although a recent court ruling suggested kids as young as 8 were held there.

'We have sunken to a new low that I didn't think was possible in this country,' said Alberto Carvalho, superintendent of Miami-Dade schools. 'What next? Reduce food, water ans air?'"

See: Trump to migrant kids: No more school, sports or lawyers


The same news report continues:

"Michelle Ortiz, deputy director of Americans for Immigrant Justice, was appalled. 'These are children Even Death Row inmates have access to educational and recreational services'...

Government officials confirmed that a budget cut will slash not just education, but extracurricular activities - soccer, basketball, art.

'What are the children supposed to do? Will soccer balls and textbooks now be confiscated? How are these children expected to learn, grow and function is society?' said U.S. Rep Debbie Mucarsel=Powell...'These are children that are going through tremendous suffering...They are robbing them of their humanity."

According to the same report, the DHS claims that the "humanitarian crisis at the border" (i.e. an increase in non-white immigration) has put a "financial strain" on the DHS's Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program.

And yet, despite alleged budget problems in taking care of the essential needs of children and protecting their basic human rights, Trump always manages to find money for his Wall of hatred against brown immigrants by claiming totalitarian power to declare a "national emergency" over the fact that too many of of today's immigrants, in his view are not coming from, "Countries like Norway."

Given Trump and Miller's implacable hostility to immigrants from non-European countries in every category, whether they be highly skilled and educated H-1B legal immigrants from Asia and the Middle East,, or desperate child asylum applicants from Central America, one can only suspect that this vindictive and inhuman funding cut eliminating essential services for children is in direct retaliation for Congressional and court opposition, not only to Trump's Wall, bit to his entire white supremacist immigration agenda.

There is also a serious question over the legality of the funds cutoff, given that the interests of detained child immigrants s are supposed to be given precedence under current law, especially the Flores settlement and the Wilberforce anti-trafficking law.. See; Washington Post, June 5:

Trump administration cancels English classes, soccer, legal aid for unaccompanied child migrants in US shelters

Nor would this be the first time in recent history that children have been the special object of attack by dictators or would-be dictators in their quest for absolute power See: New Yorker (May 9, 2018):

Taking Children from Their Parents id a Form of State Terror


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law