Representative Andrew Biggs (R-AZ) who has drawn criticism from an NAACP official for speaking an a far right extremist rally (See Arizona News: Civil rights leader calls out GOP politicians who attend controversial rally)

and who introduced a bill in Congress (H. R. 486) which would have shredded America's constitution by making immigrants who are accused of a variety of crimes deportable even if they are not convicted

has now written an opinion piece on Donald Trump's favorite mouthpiece, Fox News, blasting the courts, Congress, and the rule of law itself because, allegedly, Trump's "hands are tied" in dealing with "illegal immigration." Even though Biggs' article doesn't say so expressly, the clear implication is that Trump should be given quasi-dictatorial powers over immigration in order to "stop the invasion across our southern border. See: June 4:

Rep Andy Biggs: Trump's hands are tied on illegal immigration by our courts.

The following extract is illustrative of how much "respect" Biggs shows for our asylum laws, our courts and the rule of law itself in America:

"Now, however, the word is out that American courts have ruled that the president's hands are tied, and what do we see? A massive influx of well-informed illegal immigrants, coached by Mexican criminal cartels on how to claim asylum. They have overrun the system..."

n other words, America's system of asylum laws, which is intended to uphold one of the most basic human rights recognized by international law, namely the freedom from persecution based on race, religion, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, is, in his view, nothing but an invitation to Mexican criminal cartels to overrun America.

Nor is Bigg's anti-immigrant invective limited to "illegal" immigration. He also writes that the alleged overwhelming effect due to "mass migration also includes:

"...more than 1 million legal migrants every year."

The obvious implication of Biggs' article is that Trump should be given absolute power to deal with both "illegal" and legal immigration any way he likes. This is not the way a democracy functions. It is a recipe for fascism.

There is a long history of dictators seizing power by warning that their countries are in danger of being "invaded" or taken over by targeted minorities or groups of people. One only has to look at the history of Europe in the first half of the 20th century to see where this can lead.

Not only immigration advocates, but all Americans who value our freedom must make sure that this doesn't happen here.

With all due respect to Representative Biggs, Stephen Miller and Donald Trump's other immigration supporters and enablers, giving the president absolute power over immigration and turning America into a a dictatorship is not a solution to our immigration problems.

America needs immigration laws and policies based on compassion, not cruelty; decency, not discrimination; reason, not racism; humanity, not hatred; and freedom, not fascism.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law.