Update, June 1:

A shocking May 31 report by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post shows beyond any possible doubt that the Trump administration's real reason for the citizenship question on the 2020 census is to increase the power of white voters at the expense of Latino and other minority ones.

Millbank's story also conclusively shows that the Trump administration deliberately lied to the federal courts about this motive, falsely claimingthat the purpose of the question was to help enforce the Voting Rights Act. See:

New documents on the census confirm: Trump's raison d'etre is white power

If deliberately lying to the courts about a major policy change that could skew voting rights (and immigration) by race for a generation or more to come is not a "High Crime and Misdemeanor" warranting impeachment, what is?

House Democrats, where is your courage? Where is your sense of responsibility - of obligation - to the people of America, of all races, creeds and skin colors - to preserve our democracy?

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The Washington Post reports on May 30 that new evidence shows even more clearly than before that the only purpose of Trump's plan to add a question about US citizenship to the 2020 census is to weed out minority immigrants and skew population figures to increase the power of white Republican voters to determine the future direction of America, perhaps for decades to come, See:

Busted: Evidence reveals effort to rig census for white Republicans

In another development, POLITICO reports that Trump has announced a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports, together with a threat to keep raising the rate until Mexico takes action to stop migrants from trying to enter the US. In effect, Trump is trying to destroy the economy of one of America's best neighbors and trading partners in order to keep nonwhite people out of the country. See:May 30"

Trump announces tariffs on Mexico over immigration


Trump's use of the citizenship question on the census as a deliberate ruse to under-count the nonwhite population of the United States by millions of human beings is especially ominous, because it is consistent with his attacks on birthright citizenship itself.

Using citizenship to distort and skew the census against nonwhite people as part of a power grab for Trump's party not only endangers our democracy.It could also the prelude to taking citizenship away from tens of millions of native born nonwhite Americans.

Unless the Democratic leadership in the House can somehow overcome its cowardice and begin impeachment proceedings against Trump, based on his attempts to overturn the rule of law and replace it with a white supremacist, fascist agenda based on anti-immigrant bigotry, it may soon be too late to save our democracy .

In a March 6 decision, California v. Ross, a federal district judge in California, Richard Seeborg, ruled that including the citizenship question on the census form:

"threatens the very foundation of our democratic system"

Is that, in and of itself, not a compelling reason to investigate Donald Trump for impeachment?

Trump has also accused people who oppose him on immigration or any other issue of being guilty of "treason".Pelosi and the other Democratic leaders must act now to preserve our freedom. There may not be another chance.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law