Update, May 12, 7:30 am:

The Washington Post reports on May 11 that Trump and his allies are blocking more than 20 investigations by House Democrats into various issues involving the Trump administration and Trump personally, in total defiance of the Constitution and the essence of our democracy, which provides for Congressional oversight of the executive branch

Several of the investigations that Trump is refusing to cooperate with, in whole or in part, relate to issues involving his white supremacist immigration agenda. This include, among other things, administration policies relating to child separation, asylum seekers and the border wall.

This latest exercise of authoritarian power provides more evidence of the danger that Trump's racist immigration agenda is leading to fascism in the United States.

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My earlier comments appear below:

Update, May 11, 6:01 a.m.

Some people may object to describing Trump's immigration agenda as "racism".They might prefer to use the synonym "White Nationalism" instead.

That is admittedly a frequently used term which is no less accurate than "racism" when talking about Trump's immigration policies See, for example,a March 2019 Stanford Law Review article by two Stanford law professors, Jayashri Shrikantiah and Sirin Sirinar entitled:

White Nationalism as immigration policy

https://www.stanfordlawreview.org/online/white nationalism-as-immigration-policy/

This article begins:

"Two years into the Trump administration, white nationalism may be driving the administration's immigration policy...This essay argues that legal challenges to Trump's restrictive immigration policies should call out white nationalism as the underlying harm. both through raising equal protection claims and presenting the overall theory of the case."

The authors conclude:

"Some may object that emphasizing race may alienate members of the public who would respond more sympathetically to universal or humanitarian narratives, or distract courts from narrower legal arguments with a greater likelihood of success. .But by making this assessment, lawyers in particular should consider that clients, social movement actors, and the general public may be well ahead of lawyers in recognizing the racism behind the Trump administration's policies."

I will discuss this article in more detail in upcoming comments.

My earlier comment follows:

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is one of a tiny, almost invisible, number of Republican columnists or politicians who have had the courage and the honesty to speak out against Donald Trump's abuses of power on immigration and many other issues which are beyond the scope of my comments. See Rubin's:May 10 column:

Trump will betray his country - again

However, like most people calling for impeachment, Rubin's focus has been on the Robert Mueller report, (and its attempted cover-up by Trump's attorney general, William Barr) dealing with possible collusion with Russia and numerous other alleged crimes or abuses of power by Trump and/or his closest associates - a report which will most likely never fully see the light of day for reasons which could very arguably also amount to the crime of obstruction of justice.

But one does not need the Mueller report in order to find reasons for Trump's impeachment. There is a much more compelling and obvious ground for impeachment staring us all in the face in broad daylight = Trump's agenda of anti-immigrant hatred and cruelty intended to keep America white by barring or deporting millions of immigrants who are not from "Countries like Norway" to quote Trump's own words at a White Hosue meeting in January, 2018

Beginning with Trump's open expression of religious hatred embodied in his Muslim Ban executive order, as well as his very arguably illegal Buy American - Hire American executive order which goes against the entire spirit and purpose of our laws relating to legal immigration )and is currently being used as a pretext to eviscerate H-1B), Trump has used immigration as a method of dividing American society on the basis of race and restoring white supremacy as the Law of this Land, in total violation of the letter and spirit of our civil rights laws, including the landmark immigration reform act of 1965 which was intended to eliminate racial discrimination as the foundation of America's immigration policy.

Moreover, Trump has openly and blatantly lied to the federal courts about the racial and religious bigotry which is at the foundation of so many of his immigration actions - not only the Muslim Ban- which an ideological right wing Supreme Court gave him a pass on, closing its eyes to the plain language of our Constitution prohibiting religious discrimination - but also about the reasons for ending DACA, trying to cancel TPS, destroy our asylum system and, last but not least, carry out the appalling violations of basic human rights against thousands of young children last June with his infamous "zero tolerance" child separation agenda.

These are only some of the violations of basic rights and inhuman policies against non-white immigrants that Trump has carried out in the past two years with the connivance and assistance of his chief architect of immigration white supremacy, Stephen Miller. And this is not to mention Trump's openly expressed support for the use of violence against immigrants in classic fascist style - most recently at a rally in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9. See: ThinkProgress

Trump thinks it's funny that one of his supporters wants migrants to be shot


I will examine all these,and other immigration-related reasons for impeaching Trump in upcoming comments. But the point is clear:

The main grounds for impeachment should be Miller, more than Mueller; racism, more than Russia; and cruelty, more than collusion.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law