As Donald Trump's rhetoric and executive actions against all non-white immigrants, not only the "undocumented" but also those seeking legal visas and green cards, continue to escalate, the word "fascism" is beginning to come into discussions by serious commentators on immigration issues, and with a growing sense of urgency, And this :"F-word" is being used not only by immigration advocates opposed to Trump's demonizing of Latino, black and Muslim legal as well as unauthorized immigrants and his ranting that "Our Country is Full."

The 'F-word" is also being used against Democrats who are opposed to Trump's agenda by at least one commentator who supports lower immigration levels, former G.W. Bush speechwriter David Frum. In contrast, Henry A. Giroux an authority in the history of fascism at McMaster University in Canada, sees many danger signs of repeating that history in Donald Trump's America, including administration immigration policies.

Both of these opposing views will be discussed in Part 2 of these comments.

Is there really a danger of America going fascist as a result of Trump's attempt to keep brown immigrants out of the United States and, potentially, deport millions who are already in this country,including, very possibly hundreds of thousand of legal permanent residents?

I will begin with a disturbing report in The Nation that ICE has been making a list of anti-Trump protesters in New York City. See:

Exclusive: ICE Has Kept Tabs on Anti-Trump Protesters in New York City

Using an immigration enforcement agency as the equivalent of a Gestapo to keep tabs of anyone who speaks out or protests against the regime is the essence of fascism. In a democracy, people who engage in peaceful protests against government policy do not wind up on an immigration enforcement agency's list merely for expressing their views.

It also appears from the above report that ICE did not distinguish between immigrants and American citizens in making its list of anti-Trump protesters. This is an extremely ominous and dangerous development for everyone who cares about our freedom..

I will continue this topic in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law