Update, May 3 at 10:25 pm:

The Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) mentioned below for its recent statement on the need for prompt congressional investigation of the harm to countless innocent people caused by Trump's border policies and the rest of his anti-immigrant agenda, also issued an earlier statement condemning his attempt last November to bar immigrants entering the US from other than regular ports of entry (which Trump has been trying to limit access to) from applying for asylum. See: November 9, 2018: See:

Trump's New Rule Strikes at the Heart of U.S. Asylum


The UUSC statement says, in part:

"This rule directly contravenes U.S. asylum law..

This rule is one of the most extreme one of the most extreme cases of executive abuse and overreach attempted by the Trump administration, likely emboldened by their success in forcing and unjust and immoral "Muslim Ban" through the courts...

The move directly follows the playbook of contemporary populist authoritarian regimes. In a recent report, UUSC and out partners in Eastern Europe traced the parallels between the Trump administration and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's efforts to roll back human rights and limit legal immigration."

My earlier comments follow:

On April 29, Donald Trump issued a memo "ordering" the Justice Department and the DHS to draft new regulations that would effectively gut the right to apply for asylum in the US. Some of the proposals, including the requirement to pay a fee for filing an asylum application, drew immediate national and international condemnation over due process and fundamental human rights violations.

As will be shown below, Trump's ongoing war against asylum-seekers, including his illegal "remain in Mexico" policy, his cruel restrictions on entry at legal border-crossing points in order to force applicants to wait in overcrowded and inhuman conditions in Mexico, and his racially motivated ranting that "Our Country is Full" should also increase the growing pressure on Congress to begin an impeachment investigation against Trump in order to save America's democracy.

In addition to requiring a fee for asylum applications, Trump's order (again, by imperial diktat, without consulting Congress as far as anyone knows) would include the following attempts to make it difficult or impossible for vulnerable immigrants, mainly Central American women and children fleeing the same brutal gang violence which Trump condemns so graphically when white Americans are the victims, to receive fair asylum decisions or to remain in the US while their applications are pending.:

1) Pressuring judges to rush to judgment on asylum claims within 180 days, making fair adjudication impossible in many cases, and

2) Barring asylum applicants who entered the US without legal permission from receiving work authorization while their cases are pending.

The proposal to impose a fee for filing asylum applications was immediately condemned by a spokesman for the United Nations refugee agency, who stated (according to Reuters):

"Seeking asylum is a fundamental human right...People shouldn't be charged financially to exercise that right."


AILA also issued a strong statement of protest. See, April 30:

AILA: Presidential Memo Seeks to Deny Asylum Seekers Fundamental Human Rights


But is this grounds for impeachment?

Ron Fein, in a June 22, 2018 article in freespeechfor people.org argues convincingly that Trump's inhuman child separation policy last June should have been grounds for impeachment. See:

New ground for impeachment hearings: cruel and unconstitutional imprisonment of children and their families


And the Unitarian-Universalist Church, a liberal religious group, is also welcoming long overdue House investigations of Trump's immigration agenda in general.

A March 19 article by the Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) states:

"UUSC welcomes this long overdue congressional attention. The lives and futures of hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents and countless more individuals waiting along U.S. borders hang in the balance. The Trump administration's immigration policy has had countless unnecessary harmful effects..."


In view of Trump's appalling record of cruelty and human rights violations, not only against asylum seekers, but against immigrants in every category who do not happen to have the European ancestry which Trump places ahead of all others when it comes to immigration, is there any valid reason why this congressional oversight should not include impeachment hearings?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law