Update, April 30, 6:06 am:

Many people are now suggesting that Trump might be or should be impeached. Of course Trump is not going to be removed from office under any circumstances - Republicans control the Senate and Trump controls the Republicans.

However, impeachment defined as a vote by the House that Trump is not fit to continue to remain in office is a real possibility, if the Democrats leadership can overcome the cowardice that has made its opposition to racist Republican immigration policies largely ineffective for the past two decades.

Trump's agenda of racial and religious bigotry against brown, black and Muslim immigrants should be grounds for impeachment. The latest synagogue killing shows that an impeachment vote against Donald Trump in the House would also be a vote to protect American lives from growing white nationalist violence.

My earlier comments follow below.

Update, April 29, 1:55 pm:

Well known Republican columnist Jennifer Rubin writes as follows about the latest synagogue killing in the April 29th Washington Post:

"Right now Trump seems content to play footsie with the fringe right,stoke fear of immigrants and traffic in conspiracy theories. He, quire simply, is part of the problem."


Coddling white nationalists has deadly consequences

But it is not only Trump's failure to speak out against neo-Nazi violence while at the same time demonizing brown and black immigrants as "criminals", "rapists", "drug dealers", "MS-13" and "terrorists" that is increasing the danger of hite nationalist violence.

It is Trump's making hatred of non-white immigrants the basis for his entire anti-immigrant agenda - the family separation, which Trump and Miller are threatening to being back in a slightly different form known as "binary choice" - the illegal, brutal and inhuman "remain in Mexico" policy for desperate Central American asylum seekers - the new atrociously twisted and distorted "public charge" exclusion grounds for family-based legal immigrants - the attempts to chip away at H-1B for specialty workers until nothing is left - and so many other features of his agenda of hate against both legal and "irregular" immigrants from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean - these are giving aid, comfort and encouragement to America's violent white supremacists who now believe that hey have ad ally in the White House.

My earlier comment appears below.

Yet another killing at a US synagogue, together with Donald Trump's continued refusal to condemn the neo-Nazi violence which led to the death of a protester at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, have made it even more obvious that Trump's policies of bigotry, exclusion and persecution against non-European immigrants are part of a larger agenda that could lead to America's being run by white supremacist violence instead of by the rule of law.See Washington Post, April 28:

As Trump stands by Charlottesville remarks, rise of white nationalist violence become an issue in 2020 presidential race

As Max Boot, one of the few conservative opinion-makers who has been willing to call Trump out over his anti-immigrant bigotry, writes on April 28 in the Washington Post:

"Trump's hate-mongering is powerfully amplified by America's most-watched cable network. Last year, Layra Ingraham said on Fox News Channel: 'The America we know and love doesn't exist any more. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like.' Her colleague Tucker Carlson complained that immigrants 'make our own country poor and dirtier and more divided.'' Such sentiments are disturbingly similar to those posted on the Internet by the Christchurch shooter and shared by the [synagogue] attackers in Pittsburgh and Poway."

See, After another synagogue shooting, we need better laws to fight domestic terrorists

And as Greg Sargent wrote in the Washington Post on March 18:

"After we learned that the alleged New Zealand [mosque] shooter used that word - invaders - Trump insisted that 'illegal aliens' constitute an 'invasion.'".

Sargent also quotes Joshua Gellzer, a former senior counterterrorism director at the National Security Council, as saying that;

"...you shouldn't validate the work of terrorists...Yet the president seems to go in the opposite direction at every opportunity."

Unfortunately, Trump'sopposition, the very people who should be speaking out the loudest against the encouragement that Trump's anti-immigrant agenda is giving to domestic white nationalist terrorists, are offering only a weak response. See: Thinkkprogress.org:

Here's what the 2020 candidates say about fighting white nationalism


In a forthcoming comment, I will discuss the recently adopted United Nations

Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

and I will show how making respect for and protection of the fundamental human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their skin color, religion or countries of origin, the basis of America's immigration law and policy, instead of imposing the Trump administration's agenda of fear and hatred, could make America a much safer place.and advance the values of racial justice and religious freedom and equality in which all Americans of good will believe.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law