All Americans who believe in fairness, justice and in our Constitution's protections for racial and religious equality, should be outraged, but unfortunately not surprised, by the Supreme Court majority's apparent acceptance of Trump's attempt to return to white supremacy as the law of the land by including a citizenship question whose only purpose is to intimidate Latino and other minority immigrants from being counted in the 2020 census at all, and therefore skewing America's entire electoral system in favor of white voters.

For a full explanation of the horrendous bad faith and attempt to deceive the courts behind the administration's inclusion of the citizenship question, see

Supreme Court looks ready to let Donald Trump skew the U.S. census

As this article show, according to one estimate, adding a US citizenship question to the census form as the trump administration plans to do, apparently with Supreme Court permission,, could lead to an under count of America's Hispanic and other minority immigrant population by as many as 5 million people.

This would have a devastating effect on right to representation in Congress and state legislatures for minority American citizens, coast to coast especially in states with large immigrant populations and could distort the entire US electoral system (as well as government funding) for decades to come.

It would amount to a bloodless, ostensibly legal on its face (given the current makeup of the Supreme Court) white supremacist coup.

While reading through this and other reports of the Supreme Court majority's apparent eagerness to accept the administration's obviously contrived and bad faith pretexts for including the citizenship question, and the deliberate blindness of these Justices to Trump's obvious real motives of racial discrimination and white supremacy is a saddening experience for anyone who cares about this country's most cherished core values as well as the internationally recognized human right to freedom from racial discrimination, is should not surprise anyone who has read the Court's decision in the Muslim ban case.

In that decision also, the Court's majority deliberately overlooked the real purpose of Trump's euphemistically called "Travel Ban", to discriminate against Muslim immigrants because of their religion, and instead blindly accepted a "national security" pretext for the ban, which everyone in America, inside the White House and outside of Washington, knew was only a made-up excuse for discrimination - even according to numerous statements by the president himself.

Karen Gaffney, an English professor at Raritan Valley Community College and anti-racism writer and activist, describes this long history in a December, 2018 article:

Confronting the U.S. Census as a Weapon of White Supremacy

She writes that the Census Bureau :

" still depending on essentially the same racial categories that were deceptively presented as science in the 1700's and 1800's - and used ot justify slavery, genocide, and the eugenics movement."

She also writes:

"In addition to perpetuating a centuries-old racial ideology, our tendency to think of census questions as neutral ignores the history of census results being used to support white supremacist policies."

Her article gives many specific examples, but she does not include one which, for forty years, had a controlling effect on all US immigration policy.

I refer to the infamous 1924 "National Origins" immigration Act, which explicitly based is allocation of immigration quotas on the ethnic makeup of America at the time of the 1890 census, instead of the more recent 1920 one. The purpose was to base immigration quotas on the mainly white, Protestant, northern-European ethnic makeup of America before the large scale immigration of Jews and Catholics from Eastern and Southern Europe which began in the 1890's and continued into the first two decades of the 20th Century.

Fir more details, see, James Fallows, in the November 1983 issue of The Atlantic

Immigration: How It's Affecting Us

No, Trump's horrendous attempt to manipulate the census to exclude minority immigrants and maintain white supremacy in America is certainly not new. But that does not make it any less shameful and reprehensible.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law