While the media are busy headlining the horrendous Easter massacre of over 200 innocent church worshipers by a suspected Muslim terrorist group in Sri Lanka (leading to a reported tweet by Trump in which he claimed a death toll of "138 million" people - which is more on his mind - people or money?) there has been less media attention to the increasing danger of fascist-style violence by white supremacist groups against non-white immigrants here at home in the US.

But it now develops that a white nationalist vigilante group known as UCP, whose leader had allegedly been "training the group to assassinate Hillary Clinton and George Soros, and which had illegally held a group of asylum-seekers hostage at the US border, has been allowed by the Border Patrol agency to operate with what can at best be described as lax supervision.

According to the a
ThinkProgress.org report, a video showed the vigilantes actually helping Border Patrol officers. See:

Militia patrolling the border was allegedly training to kill Hillary Clinton, Georger Soros


The above article reports:

"Law enforcement's lackadaisical attitude toward these groups is a particular point of criticism for Peter Simonson, executive director of the ACLU of New Mexico.

'These people are putting innocent families in harms way and it would not take much fro one of these incidents where they've detained hundreds of migrants to escalate into a violent encounter."

Simonson also said:that calling immigrants "invaders" and other similar rhetoric by Trump and members of his administration is increasing the danger of violence:

"The president has spared no opportunity to mischaracterize immigrants as threats to public safety, offering no evidence of such...It incites people to anger so that they feel justifies in taking matters into their own hands and meeting out vigilante justice."

There id another term for "vigilante justice:, It is called "fascism". Stoking fear, hatred and violence against targeted minorities is a classic way of overthrowing democracy and setting up a dictatorship. More and more, it is becoming evident that this is also Donald Trump's way.

If House Democrats ever manage to find the courage to begin investigating Trump for impeachment, should not incitement to racial and religious violence against immigrants be high on the list of grounds?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law