Update. April 15, 12:02 pm:

While Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) is an American citizen, Trump's unbelievably vicious and despicable attacks on her religion are in reality attacks against all Muslim immigrants too. This utterly reprehensible and un-American conduct by a US president also needs to be investigated as grounds for impeachment.

See. Greg Sargent, Washington Post, April 15:

Just say it: Trump's attacks on Ilhan Omar are designed to incite hatred

Mr earlier comments follow below:

It has now been three and a half months since the Democrats have been in control of Congress. But it is only now, in the wake of Trump's absurd and vicious threat to release criminal immigrant detainees to (presumably) wreak havoc in "Sanctuary Cities" to punish opponents of his agenda of hatred against brown immigrants, that the Democrats are finally making noises about investigating the main architect of Trump's white supremacist apartheid immigration agenda, Stephen Miller/

On April 14 the Washington Post ran a story called:

Democrats take aim at Miller as questions persist about 'sanctuary city' targeting

See also, Greg Sargent, writing in the Washington Post:

The latest Stephen Miller revelations rquire a tougher Democratic response


The Wapo's April 14 story reports that both Rep. Jerold Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) chairwoman of the House Homeland Security subcommittee on border security operations have said that Miller needs to come before their committees and explain what Rice called his "terrible" immigration policies.

Both Nadler and Rice, whose statements were both tepid and long overdue, since the Democrats have been in control of the House for more than three months and have so far done little or nothing to hold the Trump-Miller regime accountable for its vicious attacks on brown and Muslim legal as well as unauthorized immigrants, would to well to take their cue from Greg Sargent, who writes:

"This type of flouting of the law and unbridled contempt for basic governing procedure has also saturated Trump's ongoing purge of DHS. According to multiple reports, one key reason Trump grew enraged with DHS Secretary Kirstjen Kielsen, and ousted her, was that she would not break the law at his command by shutting down the border to asylum seekers entirely."

With regard to Miller, Sargent writes:

"Miller has been deeply involved in all of this. Politico reports that Miller has personally pressured numerous officials at agencies to do more to stem the influx of migrants in what one official described as 'intimidation.' It seems plausible that, at a minimum, Miller may have egged on Trump to push Nielsen to break the law by banning asylum seekers."

This raises some questions, as follows:

With regard to the above Wapo articles, if a president deliberately pushes his officials to break the law in order to keep brown and Muslim immigrants out of the United States, isn't that grounds for impeachment?

And isn't it time for the Democrats to take some real action, instead of only tepid talk, to save our democracy from a president who has stated that any opposition to his lawless and racially discriminatory border policies is "treason"?

See also ThinkProgress.org
(April 12)

Trump's accusations of 'treason' are a hallmark of fascism

https;//thinkprogress.org/trump-uses-treason-to demonize political-opponents-it-wont-end-well-32cac0dfcdee/

See also my earlier comments below:

CNN and the New York Times report that during a recent visit to the Mexican border, Trump directed CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan to block asylum seekers from entering the US and promised to pardon him if he faced jail time for violating the law by doing so.

CNN also reports that Trump told border patrol agents to turn back asylum seekers even if it meant defying the courts. According to these reports, Trump also told McAleenan to go around DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who had refused to implement an illegal ban on asylum seekers and has since been forced out.

If these stories are true, Trump must be impeached. What are the House Democrats waiting for? Are they waiting for him to arrest Nancy Pelosi and the other Democratic leaders and send them to Guantanamo before they take action?

If so, those moves by the president may not be far off, if he can order top immigration officials to violate this country's laws openly and brazenly without being called to account. These are not the actions of a president who has the slightest interest in following the rules of our democracy.

Instead, he is evidently using hate against brown immigrants to destroy our democracy and set himself up as an absolute ruler. How much longer are the Democrats in Congress willing to look the other way while this nation turns into a Trump dictatorship.

The Washington Post also reports that Trump has referred to Democratic opposition to his border policies as "treason". Our democracy is in immediate and acute danger from Donald Trump's racist anti-immigrant agenda.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law